Motorola Droid X: Is it a Victim of Death Grip too?

By Jay Shah | Cell Phones

A new war has just begun, thanks to Apple’s incessant attempts to absolve itself of the guilt of making the Apple iPhone 4 with a faulty antenna. After dragging the likes of RIM’s Blackberry, Samsung, HTC and Nokia into the mix, with claims that their phones suffer from signal loss if held in certain ways, Apple has now targeted the Motorola Droid X.

In an attempt that reflects poorly on Apple’s marketing ethos, the company has put up a page on its website where the Droid X is shown to suffer from the same ‘death grip’ which leads to dropped calls and signal loss on the iPhone 4.

A while earlier Apple had posted examples on its website of how phones by RIM, HTC and others, suffer from signal loss when held in certain ways. These are what have come to be known as various ‘death grips’.

In the latest death grip video, the Droid X bears the brunt of the attack. The video shows how the signal bars on the Droid X reduce from three to zero, when held in a way which is quite similar to an iPhone4 death grip.

Some may see this as a smart marketing move, because the Droid X, which is not even two weeks old, is a competitor for the iPhone 4. In fact it is one of the top three Android superphones in the market capable of challenging iPhone 4.

So while Apple tries to cut to size, its closest competitors in a not too classy way, the question is whether the Droid X actually suffers from signal loss due to death grip. This is something which will be answered only when Motorola comes out with its response.

You can only hope that it is a strong rebuttal on the lines of what Research In Motion did to clear its BlackBerry of all charges. They even went as far as providing a dedicated ‘antenna meter’ app to show that their phone is not affected by death grip.

If Motorola Droid X has proof to show that this is just a low blow by Apple then its great, but if there is indeed a problem, Apple may just have done you a favor!

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Matthew December 24, 2010

Apple is a lying turf biscuit. my driodx doe not have a death

Beth Mahoney July 28, 2010

I have a Droid X and this video is a lie, I can not reproduce these problems with the Droid X and Engadget couldn’t do it either…

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