Apple Media Event Speculated for January 2012

By Rahul Dowlath | Apple

The rumors have already begun for 2012: there’s speculation that Apple will be holding a media event in New York City sometime in January. This is the usual time for an Apple event focusing on the iPad, and thus it comes at no surprise that the rumourmill is talking about this event dealing with the iBookstore and magazine subscriptions – i.e., publications.

So, what could we expect at this January Apple event?

If you’re thinking “new iPad”, you might be wrong. The iPad refresh usually happens in late February, or in the March/April time-frame. However, seeing as this is all speculation – we can’t yet confirm that there is in fact going to be an Apple event – you thus might also be right. (Such is the see-saw effect of speculation…). Apple might want to be early to the party, seeing as Amazon’s Kindle and other Android tablets are starting to pose a serious threat to their flagship product, the iPad.

Having the event located in New York is another hint that this is more a publications event, and not a new product release. New York is the home of The New York Times, and that particular newspaper has been a regular partner in touting Apple’s news-based features on the iPad. Apple might also want to cement their place as a leading platform for the propagation of news and magazine-based media.

This is what TechCrunch has to say about the rumours concerning the event:

According to the source the event will not involve any hardware at and instead will focus on publishing and eBooks (sold through Apple’s iBooks platform) rather than iAds. Attendance also be more publishing industry-oriented than consumer.

According to Steve Jobs himself, in his biography by Walter Isaacson, his ultimate aim for the iPad was to target students, offering textbooks on the device. Could this be that very announcement – a lucrative and revolutionary partnership with some leading textbook publisher that could change the way we receive our learning material?

Whatever the event will entail, be sure that it will be something vastly interesting, and we will certainly have it covered here at!

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Lucas January 10, 2012

Let’s cross our fingers. My prediction iPad 3 + iTextbooks 🙂 but then I could be wrong.

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