Microsoft Research Flaunts the New Menlo

By Jay Shah | Microsoft

There has been a lot of speculation in the last few months about what exactly the Microsoft’s Menlo is. Well, it was always known that it is the codename given to a Microsoft project, but now it has been revealed that the project Menlo involves a phone.

Microsoft Research has come out with a statement that the Menlo is a ‘prototype mobile device’. It has a capacitive touch screen which is 4.1 inches in size and has a resolution of 800×480 pixels. It runs an advanced Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2, which is also equipped with a Bosch BMA150 3-axis accelerometer and BMP085 digital pressure sensor.

The photo of the device, released by the Microsoft Research team, shows that this Menlo an attractive phone!

microsoft_menloRight so, what’s special about this Microsoft phone? For starters you have a new Microsoft Research Silverlight app named ‘Greenfield’ (probably its codename right now). It is sensor-based program which allows you to find your car in a large multi-storey parking lot, by retracing your footsteps!

This Greenfield app would also transcend the limitations of 2D positioning and provide specific location support even in elevators and stairwells.

Some of the core OS components may be really interesting too, as is revealed in blogs written by people in the Research team and working on the Menlo. For example there is ‘Courier’, a file transfer system that will revolutionize the way you exchange files between your PC and phone.

This also leads to the belief the Microsoft Research is working on a powerful mobile OS core, based on the Windows NT, which can run on more processors than x86 or ARM.

So what’s the deduction from this sneak peek at the Menlo? Is Microsoft going to launch the Menlo as a self-developed phone? Perhaps not; because it had tried the same with the Kin device and failed.

Therefore the safe bet would be that Microsoft Research is working on a cutting edge mobile OS, which would be a great boost for all Windows 7 Phones and which can run on variety of processors. More on that as further information is revealed, so stay tuned by subscribing to blogote feeds.

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