New Rapidshare Design: File Hosting Gets Easier With ‘The Anti Waiting Company’

By Sidharth | Internet

The Swiss German-owned free file hosting company: Rapidshare, after several teeny-weeny design changes, gets a complete makeover. And this time, the uploading feature has been completely revamped to give users a mediafire like feel, minus the pop-ups of course.

If you go about downloading any files off the Rapidshare site, then you’ll notice the change. The new design, though its good, doesn’t capture my attention but what does is, the new tagline under the logo: The Anti Waiting Company, which is, well, misleading.


The new addition — apart from the download/upload changes — is the free games that users can entertain themselves with, while waiting for the download to start. So how do you bypass the waiting time to download files? You buy Rapidpro premium membership, says Rapidshare. Eh, will you?

As an alternative method: you can access free download manager for Rapidshare and queue up multiple files for download. That way, files can be downloaded without you falling into those intriguing Rapidshare scheme.

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