New Revelations about Our Emailing Habits: 72% Americans Obsessively Check Email

By Jay Shah | Internet

Email is an integral part of human life these days. Sure you have heard this a thousand times or more, but a new survey from Xobni and Harris Interactive has revealed that email may be more than just a ‘part’ of human life.

As a part of the survey, the emailing habits, of 2200 adults residing in the UK and US, were studied. These were the key revelation of the survey:

Most people, 72% US residents and 68% UK residents, check mails when they have some time off work. 19% Americans check mail in bed and even while on a vacation (50%).

When it comes to engaging in emailing activities outside the workplace, 46% Americans do so to reduce their workload. 37% are apprehensive about missing out on important updates and 27% do so because they are required to. 26% people accepted that they check mails during vacations because otherwise their work would pile up beyond control.


As far as checking mail in bed is concerned, more men (21%) do it than women (16%).

More people in the age group 18-34 (31%) check mails in bed as compared to 35-54 year age group (15%).

So what do these figures indicate? As you may have already guessed (or are perhaps experiencing) the problem is an email overload in our lives. Email has invaded our after work hours, our vacations and even our bedtime! Add to this the numerous social networks, blogs and micro blogs you spend your time on and the situation can look even scarier.

The solution is to adopt smart measures to restrict emails and work in general from invading your life, so much that you have no life left at all! There are some useful email add-in tools available and you may want to use one of them. These tools can also integrate relevant data from sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. which may be relevant for your work.

So, there are ways to work around this email overload, but only if you really want to do it. Gmail’s new Priority Inbox also can come in handy when trying to sift through hundreds of mails for a few important ones.

Thanks: Xobni blog.

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I was enjoying this article, until I got to the line that said: “the problem is an email overload in our lives. Email has invaded our after work hours, our vacations and even our bedtime!”

If I were to start taking a smartphone to bed tonight, it would not be because of “email overload.” Nor would it be because “email is invading our bedtime.” LOL

It would be simpler than that — I’d start off being too scared to miss and email, or too bored to sit quietly or trying to piss off my wife. If I do it enough times, I’d develop a habit, and would no longer need a reason.

The fault lies not in email overload, but in ourselves.

GMail’s Priority Inbox is an interesting innovation, but it solves _nothing_ when it comes to email speed or overload. I predict that it will simply be forgotten in a few months when it fails to deliver on its too-lofty promises.

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