New Windows Live Essentials Beta Provides Great Features

By Jim Roberts | Microsoft

Microsoft never fails to introduce something new to its customers. The company has introduced very useful tools that people can use in their everyday lives. Last June 24, 2010, Microsoft released the free Windows Live Essentials Beta that’s available for public testing.

Windows Live Essentials is an Internet application for people who use Windows Vista and Windows 7 that includes programs like Windows Live Photo Gallery, Writer, Movie Maker, and Windows Messenger. The Beta is available in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese, and Dutch.

Since many people are dependent on Internet and computer applications when it comes to their daily routines, the Windows Live Essentials beta connects the programs in the package to the web so that users can organize and can easily share their blogs, photos, and videos.

Features of the New Windows Live Essentials Beta

Some of the sites where the beta connects the applications are blogging sites like Blogger and WordPress, social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, and sharing sites like SkyDrive and YouTube. Web-mails are also included like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail.

Another useful feature of the Windows Live Essentials Beta is the Sync feature. It is very useful to everyone especially for those who have multiple PCs because they can now synchronize their files across multiple PCs and even on the Internet.


This is because of the remote desktop feature that allows the users of the package to remotely access their files via the Internet.  This was affirmed by experts who said that the Windows Live Sync may be the best and useful choice for people who have multiple PCs.  Experts also said that this can be the foundation of other future Microsoft products.

Face Recognition, Movie Maker and more..

Face recognition in which the users can easily tag their friends and family in the photos. Once the user tagged his or her friends and family, the beta will automatically recognize the faces in other photos and tag them automatically. Movie Maker also received an update in which there are now additional tools for better navigation and addition of titles, captions, transitions, and soundtrack.

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The Live Sync feature of the beta makes it easy for people to share their videos from the Movie Maker. An update for the Live Mail is also available making it look like Microsoft Outlook. The Live Mail has now a calendar pane to help people in organizing their schedules. Lastly, the Windows Live Essentials beta has safety controls for enhancement.

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