No Apple iPad Killer Gadget in Tablet Arena this Year!

By Jay Shah | News

Well, this might be a dampener for those of you who have been eagerly awaiting an iPad killer in the market this year. Latest reports reveal that the tablet scene will remain pretty much unchanged for the remainder of 2010. And so the only tablet you have to make do with this holiday season will be the iPad.

Of course being an iPad killer is not an easy job and neither is it likely that any new product will romp to glory, but options are definitely required to make the tablet market a bit more competitive.

The basic problem is that despite companies like LG, Samsung, Motorola and other having promising products in the pipeline, lack of time will prevent them from bringing out these products in 2010. And even if they do, there is almost no chance that they will outsell the Apple iPad.


And to become a true iPad killer, product has to sell more units than the iPad. But that should not mean that the product should not be just cheaper than the iPad. If this does not happen you might as well see a deluge of products, hurriedly assembled and perhaps quite cheap too, but offering very little or none of the cutting edge features in the iPad, let alone bettering them.

The Samsung Galaxy tablet looked the most likely top-class tablet to hit the market this year, but as the report points out, the product may be far from ready yet. In the recent demo videos, the device could not even complete a call that was being made from it. LG Optimus, ViewPad 7 and Asus are no better off and look highly unlikely to sell much in 2010, if at all they are able to roll out devices this year.

The only silver lining is that manufacturers are taking their time to actually come out with products worthy of taking up space in the tablet arena. This is a new genre of computers we are looking at, and there are no two ways that Apple has set the bar really high.

At the same time it is not easy to come out with a ‘good’ tablet. For starters a good OS is imperative. But how many manufacturers have the ability to churn out one like the iOS?

Therefore even if 2011 can bring a better product than the iPad, it should be worth the wait!

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