In China, Real iPhone 5 is Dirt Cheap… and Very Tasty

By Sidharth | Apple

This is real, folks! The new iPhone 5 is here.

Shocked baby doesn't believe iPhone 5 rumor

Forget all the iPhone rumors, as a company in China launched the new iPhone 5. No, we are not going to share any iPhone 5 concept or show you fake iPhone models. And no, we are certainly not talking about the highly anticipated Apple iPhone smartphone that is rumoured to release on September 12th — yikes.

We are talking about the new iPhone 5 ice cream. Yes, I tricked you, again! Check out this super-cool ice cream which is already one of the best selling ice cream in China.

New iPhone 5 ice cream

Deshi group is the master mind behind this iPhone-like ice cream.

From China Daily, a teenager fan, who seems to really love his new iPhone 5 candy, says “I am eating an iPhone 5. It’s fantastic and funny.” It surely looks fantastic, but cheap Oxycontin what’s so “funny” about having an ice cream?

I love iphone 5 ice cream

On a serious note, according to the recent report, “the company can use the iPhone 5 trademark because it is used in a different sector… A staff member from the China trademark registration service center said Deshi’s use of the trademark is not an infringement.”

iPhone 5 Truck Selling ice creams

On a serious note, if you are looking for a cheap iPhone then wait for some time as a budget iPhone is in the works.

(Source: China Daily)

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