The Samsung Captivate SmartPhone: Now Running at 1.2 Ghz!

By Jay Shah | Cell Phones

If you have thus far held all the bragging rights because your Samsung Captivate smartphone has a super-fast 1GHz Hummingbird CPU, you will now reach seventh heaven because you can actually make it run faster. Hope you have the right gloves to handle this trailblazer! 😉

XDA Developers have been working on the Samsung Captivate for some time now and they have come up with a way of making the processor work at 1.2 GHz, a full 20% increase in speed and performance of Captivate! And what’s more, the development team says the processor remains stable even at such high speeds.

This is obviously a hugely different hack from what we have seen so far. Most phone ‘upgrades’ (unofficial ones, that is) tend to tinker with the software side of things, but this one truly shakes up the very core of the phone! And what is it that you have to do to get your Captivate blazing away at 1.2 GHz?


Well, that’s the tricky part actually because you will be voiding the product warranty in the process. The complied kernel that over-clocks the CPU can only work on a hacked/jailbroken phone. Be very sure of doing a lot of background research at the XDA website before you go for this though, because if things do not work out as planned, you could be staring a damaged Samsung Captivate in your hands.

The problem with kernel based mods is that often the audio output of the device gets affected adversely. But as far as this particular tweak is concerned garbled audio is not a problem at all!

The team of developers has also stated the processor in all Samsung Galaxy models can actually be made to clock speeds of 1.6 GHz or even more! While this is theoretically possible they have not hinted whether they are actually working such a stable over-clocking operation.

According to the developers the same kernel can also increase speeds in the Samsung Vibrant, though the operation will be slightly different. Now the real question is with a processor as fast as 1 GHz, do you really need a speed-boost, or is just way to willingly put your Samsung Captivate smartphone at risk?

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