Backdoor Malware, Virus Attacks on Mac OS. Something that PC Users Should be Happy about?

By Jim Roberts | News

Windows systems are not the only computer networks susceptible to hacking attacks. Even the most prestigious Apple systems – Mac OS are also vulnerable to possible attacks. This is confirmed and proven as Intego, Apple’s antivirus company has just discovered that a malware backdoor attack is imminent and it targets Mac users.

OSX.HellRTS.D, as the malware is named by Intego, can effectively infect a PowerPC and even the latest Intel-powered Mac computer, so credit (of some sort) has to be given for it being written and coded as a universal binary language.

Activity of virus on Mac OS

The malware virus is able to take full control of the computer when infected by the malware, next is it automatically sets itself as the server or as a master giving instructions to the enslaved computer segments. As an effect, everything it wants the infected machine to do is immediately obeyed by the computer. This control covers everything from downloading software, sending out an email, setting up and activating sharing of screen, getting into the files in a Mac computer up to copying whatever it finds on a clipboard.

While it is true that Mac is the safest of all systems, there still are reported malwares from users and from developers themselves. This latest malware is a variation of a previous attacks which happened back in 2004, the HellRaiser Trojan Horse.

In defense for Mac systems, the company Intego said that this malware variation happens only to Mac users very arbitrarily, but Windows users apparently experience this on regular basis. When a user unknowingly run the server component where the malware is present, the computer then begins to be infected. Since the virus is disguised as simply an innocent file, the user unconsciously runs it.

The company Intego has recognized the level of infection being at a minimal degree. However it still warns everyone concerned that such code is already circulated and spread in all forums especially meant and organized for hackers. Therefore, the most notorious internet criminals may now already have access to it. Threat vectors particularly as spam attachments have not yet been mentioned as no reports about it exist. The most probable method of attack is through an infected file. Related: Free antivirus software for Mac

Cases of Mac malwares are very rare that a press release from the security company is somehow needless for such a minute subject. Compared to Windows malwares which occur quite most of the time for 20 years now.

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