Public Wi-Fi Safety: Thought Public Internet WiFi is Secure?

By Jim Roberts | News

Most cafés these days are offering free internet services, as café owners know that this is a good bait to lure customer of this generation who cannot seem to live without their sophisticated computers and the internet.

But consider this one scenario: You use your laptop with the free Wi-Fi service of the café and plug it on the projector so that other patrons of the shop can follow along as you browse through some confidential data.

But that is exactly what might happen in using a public available Wi-Fi. What is the point of secretly viewing confidential information if you’re using a public internet service that also broadcast it to the rest of the people in the café.

Everything is Public in an Open Wi-Fi

This is a fact that probably only a few public Wi-Fi users know. At homes and in offices, computer techies and enthusiast know exactly the importance of wireless routers securities. When Windows 7 or Vista is used, it is like a hoax when a dialog box just pops on the screen telling the user that the device has connected to a malicious network with strange encryption.

And in public places like coffee shops, airport lobbies, even libraries, people just connect to the net through the open Wi-Fi made available to them without considering the damages or risk to which they are presenting themselves and the data they hold and store in their laptops. Unencrypted connection happens even while reading an email message, while watching a live feed of a game or even checking on a certain flight status

Not all businesses can encrypt their Wi-Fi systems and networks because of some technical issues that are hard to figure out. The IEEE 802.11 design specification has a key distribution which is difficult to address. In traffic encryption, the manager or store owner has to select his or her keyword (the network key) for all the users of the internet connection

But in a café or any public place, every patron must be told of the password only so they can use the encrypted network. When problems arise, troubleshooting must still be done and if you are the store owner, this is probably not a scenario you wish yourself to be in. Unless a dedicated person is hired to do the job, which means additional expenditure, so the company just settles on a blank and unsafe password. Take Steps in securing your information when accessing the net through a public wifi, get the latest security suite to have peace of mind and data.

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