Supposed Draft of Windows 8 Surfaces Online

By Jim Roberts | Microsoft

Rumors of a 128-bit operating system set for release in 2012 has been the buzz from some Microsoft enthusiasts tagged for Windows 8, but what exactly will the new version of Windows carry to make it worth the update? Microsoft enthusiasts have posted documents that supposedly came from Microsoft insiders that provide a quick look at what Windows 8 will be like.

The draft seems to have come from an Italian website called “windowsette.” The site is a known enthusiast of Windows products and reports that it has gained some Microsoft presentations that shows where Windows 8 is generally headed.  These top secret documents found its way to the English speaking markets and the PPT presentation was sliced and diced by various websites including Microsoft Kitchen as well as Microsoft Journal for the public’s consumption.


The documents seem to be real or perhaps a very impressive forgery and it does provide a clear picture of how Microsoft Windows 8 will be headed. The blueprint outlines Microsoft’s plan for faster start-up times, high-speed connectivity support including Bluetooth 3.0 and USB 3.0 as well as implementation on several high end technologies including facial recognition.

It seems that the newest Windows OS will also support new display types like wireless 3D and HDTV and also allow for easier troubleshooting of OS glitches.

Windows 8 has Facial Recognition

The files are quite impressive although it lacks with specifics. From a techie’s point of view the facial recognition technology is the most intriguing, with most laptops carrying built-in webcams and front facing camera’s on many smartphones, it is only logical for Microsoft to develop a good use for the hardware.  A suggestion on the paper notes that Windows 8 can detect the users’ presence and log them on automatically.

Fast Start Ups With Windows 8

It has been the bane of Microsoft OS, Windows very slow start up times. And with Google gearing up to release its own Chrome OS which promises an ‘instant-on’ experience then perhaps this faster start up for Windows 8 will be a very good idea.

Overall, the Microsoft’s Windows 8 proposed features seem to be impressive yet quite ambitious. Only time will tell if all these alleged features will indeed be featured in the version that will eventually be released for public consumption, two or more years from now.

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