The Nexus One Android Phone Discontinued

By Jay Shah | Cell Phones

Google has some really bad news for those of you who still want to get your hands on a Nexus One phone. The last shipment is being sold off now, and once the stocks are out, there will be no more new Nexus One phones available for customers in the US.

On the brighter side, customers in Europe and Asia will still be able to get one of these phones, which are permanently enshrined in the smartphone ‘hall of fame’ (if there is any!). And as the new and improved Droid phones on Verizon Wireless keep the Android OS flag flying high in the US markets, the withdrawal of the Nexus One signals and end of an era.

An era in which Google tried to reshape market dynamics by providing customers an unlocked smartphone handset; and more importantly an alternative to Apple’s all conquering iPhone.


But about seven months since its much anticipated launch, the Nexus One has lost steam, in terms of sales and that is something which hastened its end.

But discontinuing Nexus one in US is really surprising? Perhaps not, if you consider two things:

  • Google’s conservative approach to marketing the phone, which meant that only a fraction of the $100 million ad campaign for the Droid, was spent for making people aware of the Nexus.
  • Google followed a direct-to-consumer sales policy, which despite being novel, simply did not have the mass reach or appeal needed to take phone sales through the roof.

So, not surprisingly there was not much hoopla surrounding the official blog post where Google announced the demise of the Nexus One in the US. It would be fair to say that the phone was popular among the geeks, but majority of the not so technically inclined people, did not really get to grips with the concept of an unlocked smartphone.

While the curtains have been drawn without much fanfare, one thing is for sure that this was a fine device and certainly worth a buy while it was available. The Android 2.2 OS update made it even better. So, in hindsight it would be interesting to see what would have been the fate of the Nexus One, had Google flexed its marketing muscles for this phone.

In addition it would also be fair to say, that for a phone which was only available online and on one carrier (t-Mobile) the Nexus One didn’t fare too badly at all. So, goodbye Nexus One, we’ll miss you!

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