Tweetbot For Mac OS X Coming Soon?

By Sidharth | News

The remarkable growth of Twitter has led to a glut of Twitter clients popping out of nowhere. Today, we have dozens of apps for tweeting on every platform – be it Windows, Mac or Linux.

Even mobile users have access to oodles of free and paid Twitter clients. I have been using Tweetbot (paid app) on my iPhone, and sometimes use Beez (free app) on my Windows Phone 7.

Tweetbot on Mac — Coming Soon?

Tweetbot is a successful app available for both iPad and iPhone. The smart finger gestures integrated with Tweetbot makes it easier to read recent and old twitter conversations, quickly switch and manage list and tweet our heart out — all this and much more in an intuitive way.

A recent tweet by Paul Haddad, the genius behind Tweetbot, unintentionally reveals that Tweetbot for Mac is likely in the works. If you look at Paul’s recent tweet, it was sent via Tweetbot for Mac.

Twitter Mac Client

If you tweet from your iOS device using Tweetbot, you can see the “via Tweetbot for iOS” line at the end of every tweet, but this tweet has been posted via Mac.

Apart from Tweetdeck, there are not many Twitter apps that makes tweeting an interesting affair on our Mac. Hopefully, Tweetbot as a desktop client can bring in a fresh change to the way we tweet!

Personally, I wouldn’t mind shelling out $2 to $5 to download Tweetbot, although free is what I prefer!

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