Achievement Unlocked: Now We Can Expect VLC Player App for Windows 8

By Sidharth | Microsoft

Even though unavailable on Windows 8, VLC Player is a household name. And the good news is, this open source media player — already available on an array of smartphones and PCs — will soon be ported to Windows 8. It’s a challenging task, but the developers will be working on this project full-time, thanks to the donation they have received through Kickstarter.

Live on Kickstarter, the folks working on VLC Player requested a fund of £40000 to bring a redesigned, metro version of VLC Player for Windows PCs, tablets, and Windows 8 smartphones. Today, over 2500 people (backers) have donated £40000 (with 5 more days left) and the team is energetically working on the project.

The money raised through Kickstarter will help to speed up the development of VLC app, which will be released in 2013. If you didn’t knew yet, the first draft of VLC Player’s UI for Windows 8 was out last week, and it looks very appealing.

New VLC Player app for Windows 8

Existing code of VLC Player, which already works on Windows 8’s desktop mode, will be modified to run on Win RT’s metro interface. Additionally, once the VLC Player is out for download on Windows Store, you can expect a lot of new features.

There will be camera support, which lets you record videos or stream it live on the Internet. You can also play media stored in servers on your Windows RT tablet or Windows Phone.

Overall, the new VLC Player will attract enough eyeballs to generate buzz and huge number of downloads. If you have been using VLC Player for years on your Windows or Mac machine, and if you want to support them, you still have 5 days to do so — donate through this Kickstarter page.

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