Google fun: Here’s what people search on Google

By Sidharth | Google

Although there are many Google products, the main reason Google is loved by everyone is because of its search feature. is a search engine to find information for our queries. Do you think everyone uses Google the way it should be used?

Now this may sound a bit silly, but can you guess what majority of people use Google for? What do they search in Google? According to a chart from the Internet, it is found that most of the Internet savvy people use Google for checking spellings and what’s funnier is that people type the word “Google” on because they are too lazy to type more (think about this).

Here is the chart explaining things searched on Google:


As you can see, only a small percentage of people use Google to find useful information. But hey, I was expecting a lot of people would search for “P**n.”

Anyway, why do you use Google? Let me know your answers through your comments below. By the way, if you are using Google for spell checking, you may actually want to download Google toolbar which serves as a browser addon for spell checking online and scans any webpage for mistakes and suggests correction using Google Dictionary.

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