is Down. The New WikiLeaks Website is WikiLeaks.Ch

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Needless to say, Wikileaks, an one of its kind project run by anonymous yet highly effective group, is making the news again. And this time its not the leaked out documents we are talking about, but the fierce onslaught that Wikileaks is intensely facing.

It seems like attempts to knock Wikileaks off the internet is in full swing. As of now, the original Wikileaks website: is inaccessible as EveryDNS, one of the domain name service provider in the US, were forced to terminate Wikileaks domain name.

Later this week, when Wikileaks moved to Amazon to host the documents and files, Amazon had to end the agreement because Wikileaks files didn’t comply with the Amazon’s terms of service agreement.

Access Wikileaks at Wikileaks.Ch

In a post on twitter, Wikileaks said that the files are being hosted by servers in Switzerland. So the good news is: the new domain is up (with a different name of course) and all the files can be accessed.


Access the contents by visiting

With numerous classified documents of the United states leaked out of nowhere, the threat bar’s been up against Wikileaks more rampageous than ever. But Wikileaks is fighting for transparency and will not back down on this one.

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nick boy age22 February 24, 2011

2011 main Ye phla main hu jo is website per kuch likh rao*

Nicholas Francis December 3, 2010

Its not opening, i guess.. they blocked it :'(

    Sidharth December 4, 2010

    Yes – it’s blocked! But the new site is up though!

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