Over 30 Million Samsung Galaxy S3 Units Sold, and Here’s Why Samsung is Outshining the Likes of Apple and HTC

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It’s not about iPhone or Android. Or Android or Windows. Or iPhone or Blackberry — well, let’s not even bother dragging Blackberry into this battle. Now, it’s an era of Samsung with Android OS that is rapidly dominating the smartphones market.

Today, the battle is between smartphones like iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3.

If you are looking for an extraordinary high end smartphone then just these two can meet your expectations now. Don’t even try convincing yourself there is any other phone better than these two. That said, let’s have a look at why this South Korean giant is ruling the market today.

Oh, and a quick announcement: Samsung has now officially confirmed that over 30 million Galaxy S3 smartphones were sold within 150 days. You can guess by these figures that SIII is currently leading the mobile market, with little to no rivalry from its competitors.

SIII, a smart move by Samsung:

Samsung made everyone raised there brows back in summer when they launched one of their excellent products — the product that rocked the smartphone industry. The Samsung SIII challenged dominancy of Apple and shook their bases.

SIII forced Apple to stop basking in limelight of iPhone 4S and come with another over the par excellence in the already popular series, the iPhone 5. It’s be fair to say that Samsung really strengthened its bases in market with the new Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Samsung before SIII:

Let’s go back in time. Samsung had no such device that we could say was clear-cut ruling the market, at least in its segment. There were some good devices like Galaxy note and SII but they faced tough challenge from its rivals and thus failed to exercise its dominance. It ranked second or third somewhere in the list with Apple and HTC leading the tally.

The reasons behind success:

Samsung had already dreamt big with SIII and thus they left no stone unturned in achieving the perfection, edge and excellence. SIII, when launched in market, instantly grabbed the attention with its brilliant specifications and aggressive marketing.

Samsung completely took advantage of holiday period and sold their product to huge population over the world. Full credits to their ad campaign. Please do take a note here, no other phone has been as efficiently marketed as SIII. The campaign was well designed, well formulated and well executed. SIII was successful in strengthening its roots which had became vulnerable due to failures in past. Here’s one of the SIII ad campaign receiving over 16 million views:

Failure of HTC:

HTC One X, which is another brilliant phone, launched sometime before SIII, miserably succumbed to latter. I still believe HTC is better brand than Samsung and has quality phones than the latter. Also, its a well known fact that Sense UI is far better than TouchWiz. Still HTC had to pay its price for bad marketing and pricing. The structure of pricing is not well formulated which leads to dissatisfaction among its users. The marketing too is not as good.

Reasons behind failure of HTC One X:

  • One X never saw the light of good promotion and commercials. Even the social media wasn’t used effectively.
  • High pricing. HTC has to buy its internal as well as external components from other companies which results in increased price.
  • Less service centres. Yep! That is one of the major reasons people don’t chose to spend on One X.

And this is how SIII made its way into the market, sneaking through the narrowest slit and surpassing every other ‘me too’ brands. And since that day, sales are brilliant and growing at a very faster rate.

On the other end we have Apple, which recently released its iPhone 5 and entered the fray — you can imagine equations changing. Moreover, iPhone is clearly into the win-win situation and has impressed everyone with its excellence. The solid 5 million sales over a weekeed is a proof that people are embracing iPhones with open arms. It’s going to be really interesting to see who wins this race among two best smartphones – Apple or Samsung.

This was our take on journey of Samsung Galaxy SIII on account of it crossing 30 millions mark in sales chart. What is your opinion? How do you rate SIII — thumbs up or thumbs down? Let us know your opinions in comments.

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