Adam 2 Launching in December — What happened to the Notion ink Adam Tablet?

By Sidharth | Opinion

It has certainly been a good, long time — almost five months, actually — since I last covered about the Notion Ink Tablet. For those not in the know, Notion Ink Tablet was among the first 10-inch Android devices packed with 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core processor.

After drooling over the specs, design and everything about Adam, I really wanted to buy one. Unfortunately, Notion Ink Adam wasn’t available in the stores, and the only way one could get hold of this tablet is by placing an order through their website. But wait, there’s more. Only people who were invited could be the elite member of the Notion Ink family.

And that’s how they hit the dirt.

The first batch of people paid for the device without knowing what’s in store for them. Delay in finishing the product, launch delay, and the forever-waiting for the shipment was too much to handle for some of the U.S. customers. Adam was certainly promising, but it looks like the dreams are rolling down the pipeline, at least for the folks who are part of the initial pre-launch.

Gladly, I took a step back and closely followed the reactions of the early adopters of Adam tablet.

Issues with Adam:

I was expecting a whole bag of surprises when the initial reviews were out. These surprises turned mostly into disappointment. And now, according to Rohan Shravan, Notion Ink will be launching Adam 2 tablet in December.

That’s surprising and shocking.

Here are some of the prominent issues pointed out by the early adopters:

— Buggy Eden UI.
— Custom duty.
— No Genesis.
— Colors appear washed out.
— Poor earphones.
— Nonexistent customer service

As far as I remember, Adam tablet never was public. It was just the pre-launch, or let’s phrased it this way: It was an “experiment.” An expensive experiment mounted on the users worldwide.

It is a known fact that the tablet struggled to escape bad reviews. Some people have even gone to the extent of dedicating a website to get back their money.

With Adam 2 nearing the launch, it will be interesting to see how the company keeps up with its promises. And what’s more interesting is to find out whether they can win back the hearts of their loyal customers, who are declining overtime.

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Hantz T January 22, 2013

“iPad killer around”
– Please! Wake up, you are still dreaming!

“Notion Ink people should look at the development of Entourage eDGe.”
– Notion Ink should look up what After Sales Services and Support means.

“You’ve got a super tablet”
– What they have is nothing but the mere illusion of a Super Tablet.

Seriously! Who would buy a tablet from Notion Ink after tha fiasco of the 1st one. We bought the 1st ADAM, updateswre non existant, no support and feedback. We were sold some hardware and basicaly told “Just do what you can to make your shit work coz it we will do nothing about it other than count the money we got from you”!

In the hand of some other company like (HP, Asus, Samsung, Apple, IBM, Acer, MS) the tablet would have had at least a decent launch in support and updates. But Notion Ink was able to turn a Silver into Shit with no effort at all.

Franky August 11, 2011

Super tablet.I’m seriously impressed. What I miss is a stronger PR. You’ve got a super tablet and the world need to know that. Only using internet to get more publicity doesn’t work. Is not enough.
Notion Ink people should look at the development of Entourage eDGe. They had a very interesting tablet, but there publicity was crap.

The Notion Ink Adam is a tablet what needs and deserves good publicity. Let the public know there is a serious iPad killer around.

I can’t wait for the Adam 2.

    Unfranky August 15, 2011

    Nice try, Rohan.

      FrankyHater August 22, 2011


4r4nd0mninj4 August 10, 2011

It was VERY poorly managed…what every you would call it.

Feb 10: Ordered Adam.
Feb 10: Charged to VISA $599 USD
Feb 10: Charge reflected on my VISA is $611.79 (exchange rate or foreign currency transaction fee?) I’ll let you know when I get the details.
Feb 15: Charge reversed for some reason…funds are back in my VISA account. (not sure exactly when it happened)
Feb 23: Charge on my VISA on Feb 21st $606.19 CAD ( MUMBAI$599.99 US DOLLAR @ 1.010333).
Mar 02: Shipping date range changed from between Feb 25th to March 10, to March 3 to March 10.
Mar 09: An article came in on my RSS feed about a certification delay! *grumbles*
Mar 10: I received a letter today saying that my Adam may be shipped in the next few days 🙂
Mar 12: Shipping date changed to “Under Process” 😀
Mar 22: I emailed support for an update and this letter was a bit of good news.
Mar 25: Shipping email received! But the tracking number is wrong and my Adam was delivered in November? wha?
Mar 28: Shipping number was recycled and now has been updated with the correct information. Status on NotionInk website changed to “shipped”.
Mar 28: My Adam is currently in Hong Kong waiting for a flight.
Mar 28: He speaks! for the first time in 26 days Rohan posts and update! And what a mess he had to sort out!
Mar 30: It’s here! *w00t* So far it looks awesome!
Apr 02: First email to support.
May 09: RMA number recieved.
July 23: Refund amount of MUMBAI $549.99 US DOLLAR @ 0.919707 $505.83

Total cost: $606.19 + $92.40(duty and tax)
Total refund: $505.83. (still working on getting the $64.40 tax back)

Total out of pocket cost as of now: $192.76 and a five month battle with Notion Ink!


    Sidharth August 11, 2011

    I feel for you. I was among the few who wanted this tablet to shine in the market because it was an “Indianized” product, or so I thought. I remember those days when I was thrilled to pieces while reading the NI blog. Sigh!

    I have sent out emails to them, but NI’s customer support is laughable — nonexistent. False promises, and months of waiting for the device to arrive, is unacceptable.

    Nice summary; I hope the folks at Notion Ink notices this, and hopefully push the $64 refund to your account.

      4r4nd0mninj4 August 13, 2011

      Thank you but the $64 is to be recovered from the CRA. I am not going to waste any more of my time with Notion Ink. If I had worked for minimum wage every hour I spent troubleshooting that tablet and emailing support I could have bought a Galaxy Tab! Or a Toshiba Transformer, or iPad2…not that I would have bought an iPad2, but I “could” have.

JMag August 10, 2011

OK, at least get the facts correct. ONE person developed a website to get their money back, the earphone complaint was an early problem that was isolated–not everyone had the problem, and only one or two countries had customs duties issues…..

That said, here’s one early adopter and loyal customer speaking out….

    Sidharth August 10, 2011

    Right. Notion Ink Adam tablet is filled with mixed bag of reviews. That was just ONE among the MANY dissatisfied user.

    You can find users complaining about Notion Ink Adam elsewhere on the Internet. I don’t want to post every YouTube video, forum thread, etc. as that would turn this post into nothing but hate against me.

    I have stated nothing but generalized facts here.

      4r4nd0mninj4 August 11, 2011

      I posted my 0.02 but was filtered.

      You can see my whole nightmearish experence with Notion Ink on my website.

      Never again will I buy from such a company!!!

        Sidharth August 11, 2011

        Website link:

        I hope someone from Notion Ink looks into your website — that’s the least they can do. 🙂

          4r4nd0mninj4 August 13, 2011

          Thank you for publishing my first post. I’m sure they are well aware of my site 😛 Everyone knows the squeaky wheel gets the grease and I was squeaking the loudest…or at least the most often.

      dean August 11, 2011

      Notion dirty ink. Useless junk!

        Sidharth August 11, 2011


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