Amazon Kindle Games: Not Just an E-Book Reader Anymore

By Jay Shah | Gadgets

The Amazon Kindle is already so popular that you may have wondered whether it really needs something extra despite having more sales than hardcover books. But now the Amazon Kindle Development Kit has just released two games to give you a better experience as a Kindle-owner.

Right from the time the Development Kit came into existence the question was when and not if there would be new non-book apps. And it looks like these two games are going to be the first glimpse of what is to come.

And what are these games exactly about? Well, don’t get you hopes too high because with the paper-type interface and E-Ink technology of the Kindle graphically brilliant games are not an option. So what we have in hand is two word games which reflect what the Kindle essentially is.

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The first one, Every Word, is scramble type game. Here you are given six or seven random letters and have to form as many words as possible with these letters. Of course the greater the number of words you can make, the more you score.


Every Word and Shuffled Row Games on Amazon Kindle

The second game is named Shuffled Row, and is quite similar to Scrabble. The objective here is to make as many unique words as possible from 60 lettered tiles. When you make a word you receive more new tiles.

Both these games are free to download and play on Amazon Kindle. As things stand now, developers will receive 70% of the revenues generated by a game when paid-games are finally released.

These games are not quite what gets your pulse racing, but nonetheless are nice for taking a break from reading an e-book on your Kindle. You may say that even your smartphone offers better entertainment, but then you must take into account that this is just the first in line of many more games and utilities to come from the Developer Kit.

You should expect two-player games, crosswords or perhaps even math-games to be available soon. And because the Barnes and Noble Nook has been providing games for quite a while now and the Copia ebook reader launch looming in the horizon, Amazon will surely do as much as possible to make the Kindle more attractive as an entertainer.

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