Apple and Android Dominates the Tablet Wars! Microsoft?

By Jim Roberts | Microsoft

Tablet computers war is outrageous this year. Analysts says that Apple and Android are the leading product rivals, and on the other hand, Windows is still wondering how it can fit in.

The rush of popularity gained by tablet computers took place after the launch of iPad by Apple as you know, although tablets were still pretty much in existence.

And according to Steve Jobs, an Apple iPad is sold every three seconds. More likely to say “one every three seconds” a consumer gets his own tablet computer. With this, fervent questions were raised by critics and users for the technology running on iPad, is there any competitor to win over Apple’s iPad technology which is the same of the iPhone’s OS?

Answer to the previous question has been told — it is Android by Google. Dell, known to be working with Windows constantly has first selected Android for their new gadget, the Streak. As for now, Dell and Android has profound commitment on working for more testing with Streak, and is definitely a decent tablet we look forward to.

Charles King’s research note has been released at Pund-IT, his Streak information surged. Compared with iPad, Dell’s Streak screen is smaller than an iPad but bigger than a smartphone. Some of its features is a camera with 5megapixel, 3G capability, GPS integrated, Wi-Fi ready, supported with a Bluetooth wireless connection. You can also have a quick access to Google maps with turn-by-turn navigation and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Media applications are also accessible like YouTube and the Android market.

Android is expected to come out with more designs. As anticipated later this year, U1 hybrid computing model will be out as an Android by Lenovo.. But Windows may not be too good for shaping up tablets, analysts say that Windows seems too power hungry to fit in a tablet PC.

Now, software weighs much than the hardware of each gadget. Before, Intel is only with Microsoft (a one on one strategy), according to Orr from ABI Research. Now it is different since Intel supports Android as its port of choice.

Nevertheless, reviews on these items are out, especially with Android as the most credible threat to Apple. See more discussions about the tablet computers being released since there are only a handful of these in the market.

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