Apple: Made in the USA?

By Rahul Dowlath | Apple

The big talk about Apple right now is certainly CEO Tim Cook’s announcement (albeit rather candidly in his first-ever TV interview) that an entire Mac line will be manufactured entirely in the United States.

For years now Apple has had to partner with Chinese companies to execute their revolutionary designs. This has led to media scrutiny and questions regarding the upholding of human rights in these vast manufacturing plants. This new announcement comes at an interesting time, too, when Apple’s stock as progressively fallen over 20%.

But what does this mean for us non-USA residents?

New iMac made in USA

Despite having their products carry the slogan “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.” the company is still renowned for the quality of their iPods, MacBooks and iPhones. So from the first impression, little should be different of a Mac product made entirely in the US.

What we could see improving is the shipping time and availability of products at launch, as the US plants will add to the plethora of production facilities Apple has across the globe. Interestingly, Foxconn, the hardware partner responsible for a majority of Apple’s devices, has, just prior to the USA announcement, shown keen interest in moving some of its assembly plants into the States. This comes at a time when their worker treatment is under scrutiny, and is perhaps a move in clearing the brand’s name and reputation.

So, the big question: which Mac will be the first to be all-USA made?

There’s doubt it will be anything from the MacBook lineup. These laptops are too difficult to assemble, especially the Retina variants. It would be very expensive to setup a plant, and then equip it with skills and machinery capable of producing MacBook Pros that meet the intense demand.

The rumour mill is rife with speculation that it will be the long-anticipated Mac Pro line. Mac Pros are relatively easy to assemble, the demand is not as intense as with other Macs, and it carries a high level of customization.

It’s refreshing to see Apple make a move like this. Production in the US significantly improves the company’s image and reputation, and for us end-users, means just more facilities available to produce the technologies that we have grown to love.

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