Best Motion Sensing Console? Microsoft xBox Kinect: One Month Later

By Sidharth | Games

It has been nearly a month since Microsoft’s new Kinect motion controller has been released into the mainstream media and it has already been stirring up controversial as well as extemporary reviews globally.

The voice and motion device released on November 7th is stated to be one of the most sophisticated gaming accessories till date. Sony’s PlayStation Move and Nintendo’s Wii came nowhere close to competing with the Microsoft Kinect.

Originally named Project Natal, Microsoft Kinect offers xBox 360 users the opportunity to do all they ever wanted by simply interacting with their television sets. With the tag line of no controller required, Kinect lives up to its name. Users simply need to use their hands to navigate the Kinect Hub and do whatever they want. Additionally, users can also use voice commands to talk to their TVs and get the job done.

Navigating the Kinect Hub is just one aspect of gaming development. The Kinect console also supports motion powered games where yet again – no controller required. The launch of the xBox accessory came with seven Kinect compatible games, each of which have several reviews available on the web.

If you remember, within the first week of the Kinect Launch, Microsoft recorded a record breaking sale that came nowhere close to any other competitive motion controlling device. There was a recent ruckus created recently about the device’s incapability to recognize dark skinned players but that was rubbished off as rumors by an official Microsoft spokesperson.

The only downside to the xBox Kinect is that for gamers to take advantage of its hardware is that they need to have at least six feet of space between their television sets and the wall behind them. Six feet has been the minimum requirement that Kinect has asked for. Another let down is that of Kinect lacking the NetFlix application.

When Microsoft xBox first showcased Project Natal at E3-2010, they did show off the NetFlix application allowing users to play and pause movies with voice command. For now, Kinect has shown no signs of its amalgamation on the system. Zune is another feature that seems to have been knocked back. While these features do put off the Kinect as a whole, it yet remains a very sophisticated piece of hardware that is sure to do a lot more in the coming months.

For now, Kinect is the best motion sensing console built. And as far as features and minor technical bugs go, it does not seem impossible that a small firmware patch could not fix.

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