Facebook And the “Get Free Mobile Recharge” Scam in India

By Sidharth | Opinion

I am sure most of you have been pounded by such scam invitation in the past, and it seems like there is no end of this ball game. Each and every day, especially the college students, fall victim to the “free mobile recharge” invitation on the Facebook.

First, it was Orkut and now they are targeting the Facebook. While I can’t present you with any statistical data, but in India the rechargeable prepaid mobile phone cards are very popular — and these kind of free recharge scams are acknowledge and favored by many folks.

Also, the competition among scammers has seen a rapid growth ever since the trick seems to work out to their benefits. Perhaps the trick here is make money out of your private data, or hack your profile and mass spam your friends.

Here is a screenshot of one of my friend who is yet to find out what’s going on with his profile:

So, letting those unknown apps to rule your Facebook profile is tomfoolery  — and that’s just one of the several consequences you could put yourself into. If you are still hunting for the free mobile recharge formula on Facebook, then sorry to say, there is no friggin’ way to do it for free.

Moreover, your personal information is handed over to scrupulous scammers who take advantage of your data. So, to make sure that these scammers cannot fete upon your personal information, never link your Facebook account to the apps you are not familiar with, and frequently check the Apps page to remove and delete the apps that you don’t use it anymore.

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