Unable to Get a Google+ Invite? Here, Register at Google Plus Now!

Update: Google Plus is open for everyone!

Google+ (Google Plus) is the latest venture from the behemoth Google which is quickly becoming the hottest social networking on the internet. Using the strategy of invite-only registration, Google has amassed thousands and thousands of users under its belt, out of which, only a handful of users were able to sign-up for an account.

Because of the “insane demand” for Google Plus invites, Google folks were forced to temporarily shut down any new registration. So, if you have received a Google Plus invite, or if you are already on Google Plus, then consider yourself to be lucky.

For souls who haven’t been able to pick up an invite, don’t worry — there is hope, only if your age doesn’t come under Google’s age limit policy.

Accept Google+ Invite With Picasa

– Link Picasa to Your Google Profile:

If you are not able to accept the already-sent invite, go to your Google Profile (not the Google+ profile; you don’t have one!) and link Picasa to it. Now you will be accept the invite and create an account. Pretty easy; thanks Reddit!

– I don’t have an invite; how do I get one?

Ask. That’s the only way to get an invite. Ask anyone on Twitter, Facebook, or ask here and I will send you an invite. Despite the fact that invitation mechanism has been disabled, there is a workaround that lets Google+ users to send an invite by sharing story. Here is how this works:

I’ll add a story on Google Plus and share it to your Gmail ID. You’ll have an invite dropped in your inbox waiting for you to “Learn more about Google+.” Click on the email link to sign-up.

I have tried this method, and I can assure you this works, at least for now!

Oh, I like Google+, and I have to admit the fact that Google has finally delivered a successful product.

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