Gmail Priority Inbox: An Email Revolution From Google?

By Jay Shah | Google

Managing thousands of emails in your inbox may have always been a nightmare, but it ends here. Within the next week, Google will roll out a new Gmail Priority Inbox, which will help millions of people save time and work more efficiently.

So what is it all about? Well, to be precise this new inbox will present all your important mails in one place, which will show up at the top, so that you do not miss out. And how will Gmail know which mails are ‘priority’? An algorithm has been used to select mails as priority. The people you mail the most, and general emailing patterns and keywords are all taken into account.

Of course you can also provide leads by marking mails as important or unimportant. At the same time Gmail filters can also be used to mark emails. What will attract you the most is the simplicity of the setup. Initially you will get a prompt asking whether you want to enable the Priority Inbox option.


The only other choices you can (but don’t have to) make are stuff such as the order in which you want various categories of mails to appear in your inbox and whether you want to mark any contacts as ‘important’ so that their mails are always classified as ‘priority’.

The Priority Inbox (page) will display all the unread mails in that category as opposed to all mails (ads, catalogues and utter rubbish included!) in the Gmail inbox you get now. The priority mails will appear as ‘important and unread’. ‘Starred’ emails form the next section, wherein you can mark important emails with a star to retain them in your inbox for future reference. All other mails are kept under the ‘everything else’ section.

The system may not work perfectly from the outset, because the adaptive algorithm will take time to deliver mails to right inbox with unerring accuracy. You can immediately rectify initial mistakes with one click.

A lot of testing has gone into this Gmail Priority Inbox feature and it has shown that users are taking 16% less time in their inboxes. This is what people who receive hundreds of emails every day have been looking for. This will also make email introductions and the subject line text more important. But if it does work the way it’s supposed to then our emailing experience will never be the same again!

Check out the excellent demo video on Gmail Priority Inbox:

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