Let’s Believe the iPad Mini Rumors

By Sidharth | Apple

“You know the iPhone 6 is out in the grey market.“ I was told this the other day by a friend, him not knowing that I am a blogger who closely follows Apple news everyday. He was obviously wrong. But the point is, rumors are not just limited to the web — rumors are everywhere.

Seek and you Shall Find

Type iPad or iPhone in the Google’s News search and you will find tonnes of speculations, blogs making up stories, rumors and probably a couple of leaked pictures of the next big thing that Apple is meticulously working on.

Sometimes we end up reading these rumors, and probably love them and share them with the world, but most of the times we don’t care. And the reason for this is simple: sites covering these rumors have a very low success rate, meaning majority of the rumors reported by these sites, in due course of time, turns out to be incorrect.

Rumors can be True

The iPhone 5 rumors were rapidly rising before Apple officially announced the new iPhone 5. Same was the case with iPod Touch and the New iPad. As absurd as it may seem, articles and leaked pictures of the iPhone 5 suggests that the rumors and the speculations were true — the device did have a larger screen, a new cable, and it was slimmer than the iPhone 4S.

How did this happen? We clearly don’t know (hint: Steve Jobs’ death), but Apple’s shroud of secrecy has weakened this year. Almost all of the Apple products (including the new iPhone 5) were leaked well ahead of their announcements. This makes me believe the ongoing rumors on the Apple tablet will be true as well.

The iPad Mini Rumors

Let’s talk about the upcoming Apple tablet — the iPad Mini. It is widely reported that the iPad mini will come to light during Apple’s media event to be held on October 23rd, 2012.

There are already enough rumors out there about this revolutionary tablet, and from the same source spreading iPhone 5 rumors (which — let me highlight it again — were true), here are a few interesting details:

The iPad Mini is a smaller version of iPad

The name is “mini” for a reason. As reported by WSJ, Asian suppliers have started mass production of a new tablet computer smaller than the current iPad. These component suppliers in Asia, including in Taiwan, say they have received orders to make more than 10 million units.

Although the name iPad mini sounds just right about right, no one really knows what will Apple name this tablet computer. Let’s assume it’s called iPad mini for now.

Sorry iPad Mini, no Retina Display

Conceptual photos of iPad mini have been hitting the web at a rapid pace, but Bolopad has somehow managed to show us a glimpse of what the real iPad mini with the aluminum case looks like. This iPad mini has a 7.85-inch display.

real iPad Mini picture

As Gizmodo points out, 7.8-inch display makes perfect sense as, at such size, Apple can maintain the same number of points and maintain a perfectly usable UI.

New Lightning

Apple always follows a pattern. If something new is introduced, it is very much likely that the same thing will be visible on another device. Take for example, the Retina display. Apple first introduced Retina display on iPhones, and now the New iPad has this spectacular display as well.

The new iPhone 5 had a new dock connector, dubbed Lightning, and it appears that iPad Mini will have the same cable. Plus having a small 8-pin cable can help Apple to pack more inside each tablets.

iPad Mini is cheap

There’s no points for guessing this one. When a tablet doesn’t have a retina display, its screen is shrunk to 7-inch, and a decent battery, naturally you can conclude that the tablet will be priced reasonably to reach a wider set of audience. Now, the biggest question is, what is reasonable?

Chinese sources claim that the miniature iPad will be priced at around $250-$300. Some blogs have also reported that the 32 GB model of iPad mini will cost $399.

Comic of iPad Mini

However, the biggest clue comes from Apple. Let’s just look at the iPod Touch and the iPad. The iPad mini falls between the two — there’s no huge difference between Touch and iPad. In other words, the iPad mini price will dance between the prices of iPod Touch and the iPad.

iPad Mini’s Battery

MacRumors reports that the iPad mini’s battery will be less powerful compared to the iPad, which makes sense given the iPad mini doesn’t have retina display and is sized at 7-inch. The battery runs at 3.72 volts, offering 16.7 watt-hour rating of energy on 4490 mAh of charge.

Battery of the new mini iPad

These were some of my prominent observations on the new iPad mini. What do you think of the new iPad mini? Let me know through your comments below!

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