Lowdown on the New Google TV

By Sidharth | Google

Internet search giant Google has taken a new leap forward in being able to offer a new level of home entertainment to users that desire to take complete advantage of their television sets.

The all new Google TV system is the latest technological breakthrough that has made satellite television a thing of the past. Unlike its competitors, Google TV offers users a complete solution of viewing that comes packed with Android, Chrome as well as Flash.

Internet TV that was first seen to be pioneered with Opera has now taken a toll as Google’s all new campaign has made heads turn in a way that no one ever imagined. Sony Internet TV also showcased its features along with Logitech but certainly seems to be no match for Google. Google Inc. is now trying to do what no other company has ever thought out – installing a complete PC into television sets.


Features of Google TV

Currently, the base model for Google TV runs on a core Android OS with an Intel CE4100 Media Processor. It supports a 1.2GHz Atom CPU that shows significant results in being able to capture and decode 1080p video and images. Evidently, the Android OS on the TV will be nowhere close to the ones running on mobile phones and tablet PCs as it requires a much more advanced platform.

A number of TV apps can be seen installed onto the OS catering to a wide selection of media sources and social networks. Users should be able to watch their preferred channels while at the same time be able to multitask running background applications and connecting via networks such as FaceBook and Twitter.

For now, talks are on for Google’s ability to incorporate a thorough working model of their marketplace with specified apps. While no word on how long the development of the Google TV may take has been stated, rumors claim it to be released by Easter 2011.

What Google intend to do is clearly overpower the current competitors in the market and this has been evident of the fact that they are introducing Chrome along with Flash to their systems. This means that users will have complete control over the flexibility of the internet as well as the ability to do a lot more than they could ever imagine. As of now, default apps on Google TV include NetFlix, CNBC Real Time and NBA Game Time. The coming months should however see significant advances being made.

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