New Design Changes Makes YouTube Even More Useful

By Sidharth | Google

Change is permanent, and the folks at YouTube strongly believes that. The world’s largest video site has been evolving ever since it was first acquired by Google in 2006. Today, there’s another major change in YouTube’s design department. is now much more cleaner and easier to use.

The menu that was sitting right next to the YouTube logo is no longer available. The video player and the buttons sports a cleaner look. The commenting section has been redesigned. Although the overall design is not very colorful, but it is better than before, at least in terms of usability.

YouTube Design Changes - Button

The refined buttons on the YouTube’s video player.

The update is rolled out to the users as we speak.

Another prominent change includes the ability to subscribe to the channels you care about. On the homepage you can watch videos shared by your friends on the web. The videos from your channel subscriptions and personalized video recommendations will also appear on this page.

Users can link their Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter account to YouTube, and the YouTube algorithm will automatically pull videos from all these sites and put them in one place.

There’s a new “Guide” button on the left-top corner of the video, which when clicked brings a whole lot of new options. You can access your the playlists, subscriptions, check history, and browse new channels. Anyone using YouTube on smartphones will be familiar with this button.

YouTube Design Changes - New Button

To give a social touch to this large community, YouTube now shows the display pic (also called avatar) of the commentator.

YouTube Design Changes - Comments

You can also pop out videos to gain access to the new video player.

Do you have access to the new YouTube? What do you think? Any problems? Share your thoughts through the comment section below.

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