Oracle vs. Google: Take your Sides Now!

By Jay Shah | Google

Intellectual property is quite clearly the hottest property right now! If you want proof look no further than the IP violation suit which Oracle has filed against Google. Why? Because according to Oracle, Google has used Java related tech in developing its popular Android mobile OS.

And as per Oracle’s official stance Google has done this ‘knowingly, directly and repeatedly’. Strong words those, but they do justice in pointing out why exactly the lawsuit has been filed.

If you may remember, Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems last year and so, the Java technology now belongs to them. And the Java platform is certainly not free for developers to use it as they like, which is exactly the point which Oracle seems to be making.


Oracle claims that the Android stack, which is a vital component of the operating system, is heavily based on Java and runs Java apps on a Java-centric setup. Both Android and the Android SDK face the patent infringement lawsuit.

Now that the Android is scaling heights of success, Oracle is clearly out to get its cut, something that it feels is a deserved share for lending one of the most important technologies used in the Android.

What makes it an even stronger case against Google is the fact that it has known about all patents and even some core members of the Android team were previously Sun Java engineers.

Google also faces copyright violation charges because the Java code has been used without permission or appropriate licensing. But the real knockout punch for Google could be the fact that the Android is an open source OS and is being constantly worked upon by other developers to improve it and make more apps available. Base don this fact, Oracle has accused Google of ‘inducing’ others to infringe on patents and copyrights.

This does seem like a never ending spiral of accusations, but then each of them is supported by material facts. Oracle wants monetary compensation, but perhaps more importantly wants all infringed work to be ‘destroyed or disposed’! This may mean that the very existence of Android OS may be at risk, if it is actually based heavily on Java.

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chris August 20, 2010

It time to Fork all open source code.The Small programming companies, Freelance programmers and College students should not live in fear of Patent Trolls. Sun and Oracle sound like Greeks bearing Gifts. Oracle or Mafia we got a offer you cant refuse.

RIchard August 15, 2010

Oracle didn’t put any hard work into writing the software. They bought Sun for the right to sue. It may be legal, but Oracle is a dirty rat for doing it.

Neil August 15, 2010

Yes I agree.It might be serious because Oracle is always very serious about copyright stuff. How would you feel if you are not give salary for few months despite of hard work in writing software ?

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