PSP2 Vs. 3DS: Will Nintendo 3DS Take Over Sony PSP2 Console?

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If rumors are to be believed, then the successor of the PSP, PSP2, is expected to release by the end of 2011. But after the failure of PSP GO—and PSP 3004—the notion of Sony audaciously putting up yet another device in the market might incite a riot in your mind.

While Sony remains mum over the PSP2 launch, Nintendo is all geared up with the announcement of Nintendo 3DS device, which is said to debut very soon (U.S. debut in the month of March, 2011).

Sony PSP2 Vs. Nintendo 3DS

Let’s accept it: each of these device have respected titles. Both of them are combating piracy. Not to forget that they are fairly priced, too. However, the sales of DS handheld device has been tremendous in the past when compared to PSP.

So, let’s talk about Nintendo 3DS device which has the upper hand in this battle because of the 3D screen. The buyers of this handheld device can enjoy 3D visualization without having to put on those special glasses. Plus the two screen along with three cameras (third camera is on the outside for taking 3D pictures) is enough to grab attention.

The Nintendo DS series is in the phase of overrunning the PS2 sales. Also, titles like Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid and Sonic the Hedgehog are in the works for the 3DS device.


Coming to the Sony PSP, as you know – PSP has been bashed in the past—and even now—for not featuring the additional analog stick. Although that’s not the only reason for PSP’s failure, but Sony should do something about this. A good idea would be to integrate dual analog sticks in the PSP2 console. And the touchscreen facility, of course.

There’s no point in stressing the rumors of PSP2 as there’s no whole lot of concrete information available right now, but if those rumors of Sony collaborating with Android are any true, then we might see a Sony PSP that lets you make phone calls. How’s that, Nintendo?

PSP2 is coming for sure and from what I have gathered, one of the developer quoted PSP as an powerful machine. While several users’ are demanding for an improved online stores and many more features to be inculcated on the device, its interesting to see where this leads to. Keeping the competition in view, Sony should play the cards right this time.

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bDog83 February 6, 2011

Nice grammar, eggleburt, fucking retard. Lol, the entire comments list is almost full of fucking fanboys. I like psp, and i like the ds. I Xbox 360, PS3. But lets face facts here. Psp has NEVER sold as much as nintendo in the hand hel market, and never will. I like psp’s games better, but nintendo has been dominating the handheld market for years. They’ve been the king of the market ever since they released the gameboy, man. I lolld at the people saying psp2 will outsell and dominate the 3ds. Its absolutley unrealistic.

eggleburt January 28, 2011

3ds will get tonnes of sales at 1st coz everyone wants to see 3d without glasses (but dont want to just look at REAL objects) but eventually psp2 will take over in sales becoz honestly the ds was barely a game console it was more like an ipod touch with the worst apps you can find. in my opinion nintendo only just make it into the current gen console category because they release their consoles before anyone can realise how bad it is compared to sony and microsofts new console(s).

maz December 30, 2010

3ds willhave more share in the handheld market but the psp2 will steal considerable amount of shares. The psp phone is also coming out and nintendos future looks grime becuse of allthe intense competition. 3ds might generate sales at first but in the long run it will lag behind its competitors like the wii. When wii came out it generated huge sales but now sales are lagging and xbox 360 and ps3 are taking over due to technology prices coming down, especially on ps3 blue ray.

Im not a huge nintendo fan,but I did buy the DS and after 1 year i got bored because of the shitty graphics. It is fun to play but the lack of/ visuals just make it worthless.

james braselton December 19, 2010

hi there nintendo will win nintendo and 3d fans for 3d movie fans with nintendo will domanate the psp2 i have dsi psp go wii ps3 in fact this christmax list is all 3d technolgy i am heavyiest on 3d technolgyies

james braselton November 15, 2010

hi there nintendo will diffently win over 3D consumers soo dose any one watch 3D avatar movie in 3D no glasses reqiered nintendo 3DS will win becuase it plays 3D movies no device plays 3D movies

Frank October 12, 2010

ill be objective, i do not own a psp, neither a ds, but i know em widely.

“finally, here comes the last blooooooooow….( ! ! ! )
*incoming call* *incoming call*
-no sir, i don’t think so.

sony: “so we have this amazing psp2, super grafics, touch escreen, phone…..”

-nintendo releases 3ds-

sony: ” ok.. lets go back to the develop room “

2pac October 6, 2010

@sprank, learn to read he is saying the psp doesnt has a analog stick AT ALL

@jdilla, in PHONES. and i already got an iphone so why would i want a psp2 to makes call with? remember that stupid ugly n-gage by nokia?

YES SO 3DS gonna F… SONY up

hansome demon October 5, 2010

How bout we just sit, wait and take a look first the result before pointing out the truth.

Sprank October 4, 2010

So you’re comparing an unreleased handheld to a non-existing handheld without ever doing any real comparison but simply referencing rumors. Marvelous.

Though I do love the part where you not only criticize but specify the lack of a second analog as part of the PSP’s ‘failure’ without pointing out how the 3DS, a brand new device, is making the same decision. Then again, with around 70 announced titles, it’s also pretty great how one of the titles you mention is merely a tech demo, and another doesn’t exist yet.

Then again, I wasn’t expecting much given the quality of your other articles.

j dilla October 3, 2010

the psp2 will win because it will have something called android the best selling operating system in usa so 3ds will fail.

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