Should you pick the Microsoft Kin? Will It be on Your Top Phone List of Choices?

By Jim Roberts | Microsoft

This is a sounding question regarding the newly unveiled mobile phone by Microsoft. This handset was claimed by Microsoft as a phone designed specifically for today’s social generation, for the youngsters of today who are very much onto social networking. Somehow, this claim is ironic as the Kin’s support for social networking is just simply..weak.

With MS Kin, stay always connected, well not really ‘that’ always!

With so many high–tech phones abundant in the market these days, with so many features and applications, would you want a new phone without Flash or even games to keep you amused and entertained? Not only that, but when you discover that applications for social networking are absent in this phone, would you ever want to have it? Hmm! Having Second Thoughts now?

Microsoft kin phone

Always connected is probably an absurd description for the MS Kin phone for it is not able to keep one connected. I could not help but relate the exact words uttered by Robbie Bach when he introduced the Kin phone.

He said that the Kin is especially for the social gen to use in sharing their lives every moment. Maybe it would be more appropriate if he said every fifteen minutes or so..

The home screen of Kin is called the Loop which displays every status updates as well as messages, so replying would be hassle-free. Seem to be a good point. Well, here’s the “but”, it only syncs with the necessary updates only for 15 minutes! Huh? The reason for the 15-minute synchronization is for the battery life to be extended. MS aimed for the Kin to last an entire week with just one recharging. So you see, its selling slogan is not at all fitting if it was only designed with an excellent battery life and not for being updated with the social networking world.

It has no client for instant messaging, no calendar for where to place appointment schedules, no total-inbox and no application for photo and video edits. The Kin, if credit is to be given, has flawless vids and picture uploading to social sites but Twitter is not among those sites.

There is also no Flash which enhances a web video watching experience. To make matters seem endlessly hopeless for the Kin, it has no application support for any future third party program uploads. Plus, it is more expensive compared to other powerful smart-phones!

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