Simple Reason Why iPhone 5 Smartphones Are Sold Out in Stores

By Sidharth | Apple

The factory unlocked iPhone 5 smartphones are still not available in the US, and even the carrier-locked iPhone 5 devices are out of stock in India. So what’s the reason these phones are not available to everyone? Why are iPhones sold out in some stores?

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Huge Demand & Less Supply

Foxconn, a chief manufacturer of Apple products, is not able to cope with the iPhone 5 demand, according to Reuters. Foxconn’s Chairman Terry Gou states that “it’s not easy to make the iPhones. We are falling short of meeting the huge demand.”

Despite the supply constraints, the billion dollar company is expected to sell at least 45 million units all over the world by the end of this year. This could be a record sales number, but can Apple really deliver them all?

To make sure the demand is met, Apple is already working towards improving iPhone 5 production capacity.

But why is the new iPhone 5 in such a huge demand?

One obvious reason is that Apple has already drilled into the smartphone industry so tightly that it gets harder to avoid their products. Despite what you may think, Apple isn’t trying to create demand for iPhones. They already have the demand for several reasons.

Think of the Apple iPhone 4/3GS users who were waiting for the new iPhone 5 last year. These owners were quickly disappointed with the launch of iPhone 4S, and they probably skipped iPhone 4S. Some of them thought it’d be better to hold out for the next iPhone.

If you remember, Apple iPhone 4S had a limited success.

Samsung was able to sell a record 30 million S3 smartphones within 150 days, easily beating the iPhone 4S figures. Even Apple’s iPhone 5 outsold the 4S — over 5 million units were pre-ordered in the US within 3 days, and that number is as high as iPhone 4S’ sold in its first month.

Many of us saw iPhone 4S as a minor upgrade to iPhone 4, and with the new iPhone 5, people couldn’t resist anymore. They wanted something, and the iPhone 5 had most of the new features they craved for: a 4-inch large screen, LTE support, and a new Apple chip for better performance.

Blame the number of units that were shipped to India, which is why iPhone 5 smartphones were sold out within 24 hours. Only 10000 to 15000 iPhone 5 smartphones reached the Indian stores, and many retail stores had less than 200 devices up for sale.

Even though some of us believe the iPhone 5 costs an arm and a leg outside US, there’s no denying that people are embracing the device with open arms.

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