The Kobo e-Reader: Better than Amazon Kindle?

By Jay Shah | Opinion

Get ready to welcome the newest entrant to the e-reader club: the Kobo e-book reader. The publishing firm Borders is behind this product and pre-orders are now being accepted for this device priced at $149.99.

That’s a lot cheaper than the Amazon Kindle or the Barnes and Noble Nook 3G, but low price is not the only USP of this product. For starters this e-reader uses the same E Ink technology and 6 inch screen as the Kindle. This means that reading on the Kobo will be just like turning pages on real book.

The makers of this product are surely hoping that customers who have priced out from buying the bestselling devices such as the Kindle will adore this lower priced product. After all there has been a general consensus that Amazon should lower the prices of the Kindle range.


But how has Borders managed to keep the price of the Kobo at this level?

Well, that can be credited to the fact that this is a no-frills device. You do not get any sort of connectivity, Wi-Fi or 3G. The makers may have taken a gamble, because a device with no connectivity is pretty archaic by today’s standards, but then it may work in their favor because there is demand for a simple electronic device which can replace books, without providing features of a tablet.

And this is surely that book-substitute which even you may have been looking for. Its compact design offers great portability and file transfers can be done via Bluetooth. Then there is the good old USB connectivity, which allows you to transfer e-books from a laptop or PC to the Kobo.

The Kobo e-Reader device comes with 100 preloaded e-books, and so you can start reading something right after unboxing! It has 1GB space to begin with, but you can increase that with an SD card. Battery life is impressive too, with the charge lasting about 2 weeks or 8000 page turns.

So, will it challenge the Kindle and other established e-book readers? It may just do that, if the features and price are anything to go by!

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burro August 27, 2010

che burro

doubting thomas August 24, 2010

Another article written by someone who doesn’t have a clue.

The Nook is the same $149 price, but provides WiFi, the Kobo does not.

Phil August 24, 2010

Wow – is this article out of date! The Kindle is $10 less than the Kobo and offers WiFi as well! And there are a hundred other Kindle features that the Kobo isn’t even close to. Please update your facts!

Matt August 24, 2010

Easy to use? I doubt it. My parents still have trouble connecting devices such as their camera and downloading the pictures. I let them borrow my kindle and they love the fact their is no “connecting”.

fmcfm August 24, 2010

I agree with the last post. This must be a “reprint” of an old article. If Kobo were priced at $99 or so, it might make sense.

Navjot Singh August 24, 2010

This post seems an old one now with the latest price drop announced by Amazon for Kindle. Kindle’s Wi-Fi version now comes with price of $139 and ships internationally as well whereas Kobo Reader is available only in US/Canada/Australia and New Zeland.

And Nook by Barnes and Noble retails at $149 again with Wi-Fi access and again International Shipping.

I don’t see Kobo offering any advantage over Kindle now. I suggest the post needs a bit of correction.

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