The OlivePad Tablet: Better than the Apple iPad?

By Kaushik | Opinion

Ever since the international launch of the iPad, we here on the Indian shores have been eagerly awaiting its launch. However Apple hasn’t yet set a release date and by the time it does make it way here the device will probably be up to its next generation internationally.

So if you want to avoid getting it off of the grey market and want an alternative tablet you could consider the latest tablet launched by Indian company Olive. Named the Olive Pad, it is the company’s answer to the Apple iPad and they hope to create as much buzz in the Indian market as its influence has internationally.

Let’s look at the OlivePad device and what it has to offer.

Features of OlivePad tablet

The device is quite a looker and the design team has done quite a commendable job by keeping it as minimalistic as possible. A bare minimum of buttons puts its 7 inch touch screen under that much more scrutiny.

It isn’t bad but doesn’t quite have the same responsiveness as the iPad’s multi touch screen. The Olive Pad does have 3G and Wi-Fi so in terms of connectivity it delivers. The device runs on Android 2.1 so it has the ability to run a lot of applications. So even though it can’t quite have as many apps as the iPad it does manage to get quite a handful from the Android store.

OlivePad tablet also has Bluetooth that can be used to transfer files so that one ups the iPad. The biggest draw of this device is that it has a 3G SIM card slot which means you can use the device as a mobile phone and make calls, send text messages and everything that you could with your phone. It also supports video calling.

The browser of OlivePad is quite adept at browsing the web and renders web pages quite nicely. Unlike the iPad it also has Flash support so you can directly stream videos from the web. The device also has GPS and an ebook reader. It also features two cameras, a 3 mega-pixel main camera that is used for taking pictures and recording videos and a front facing VGA camera for making video calls. The battery life is substantial and the device provides up to 8 hrs of juice on a full charge.

Price of OlivePad

However the pricing of the device at $500 (Rs. 25000) is too close to the iPad’s grey market price for comfort and will deter many users from buying it. It’s too big to be a smart phone and too small to replace your laptop and doesn’t really have the same functionality as the iPad delivers.

So unless you want a tablet stat it’s advisable to wait for the iPad to hit the Indian shores rather than going for this supposed iPad killer.

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