The Xbox 360 S: Best Gaming Console From Microsoft?

By Kaushik | Games

Microsoft officially launched the Xbox 360 some 5 years ago and since then it has managed to gather quite a loyal fan base with its high definition gaming and content services.

And now we have Microsoft launching a brand new version of the device, the Xbox 360 S where the S stands for slim. Let’s see how it holds up.

Microsoft Xbox 360 S

First impressions of the device are purely looks wise and boy does it deliver with its glossy black exterior (fingerprint magnet!). Microsoft has gone for an all black makeover for the device which is quite a refreshing change.

Also when you compare it with the older version of the device you’ll realize that the S tag is more of a misnomer because the newer version is barely a few millimeters thinner than the older one.

If anything it is shorter by some centimeters which is achieved by getting rid of that clunky grey hard disk slot which used to rest on top of the old device and putting it inside the device. It is accessible through a removable panel on the device’s surface.

The Xbox 360 S comes with a 250 GB hard disk which is the same as the 360 elite edition. Other design changes include removal of the physical power up buttons and inclusion of a touch sensitive panel instead. The device also now comes with two additional USB ports and an HDMI port. It also features a Kinect port for Microsoft’s soon to be launched motion gaming service. It also comes with an included black wireless controller.

Performance wise the new console is as good as the older one with the only noticeable difference being it being quieter. Also the device now features a single large cooling fan instead of the older version’s two smaller fans and this single large fan is much better at distributing heat and keeping the console cool. There are no software changes so don’t expect better game play or you will be severely disappointed. Game loading time is also the same as on the older version. A very welcome change though is the inclusion of Wi-Fi in the newer version.

So there’s the Xbox 360 S for you. It doesn’t offer much other than better looks, Wi-Fi, more USB ports and a cooler and quieter system so it doesn’t really make much sense for existing users to upgrade. However, it is priced as much as the older Xbox so new users should definitely pick this up instead of the older version for the added functionalities and on par performance. And as Microsoft plan to phase out the older model slowly this baby is here to stay.

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