4 Reasons the iPhone is no Longer the best Smartphone

By Sidharth | Apple

Having used iPhone 4S for almost 8 months now, I can pretty much say it’s not the best smartphone around. Surely, iPhone 4S comes with quite a few amazing features, and there are apps that sometimes totally blows my mind, but look around folks, we have better smartphones today.

Apple iPhone is the greatest smartphone

At this moment in time, where smartphones and tablets are not new to us, Apple iPhones are shockingly behind the race. Here are my genuine reasons why iPhones are not the best smartphones or the mobile market leaders anymore:

Android OS got Better

Google’s Android OS, especially Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich, have moved Android smartphones closer to iPhone’s slicker OS, while staying ahead in terms of flexibility and performance.

The recent Google I/O conference saw the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean release. Rated 4.5 stars out of 5 by Techradar, Jelly Bean has already been claimed as one of the best Android OS, and there’s more to come. As Google puts it, this new update makes Android phones “fast, fluid, and smooth.”

New features in Jelly Bean like Google Now are actually better than iPhone’s Siri. In all honesty, Siri has been embarrassingly bad, especially for us non-US users.

Apple is Last in Innovation

Truth be told. The initial versions of iPhones were coated with some really unique features, but all of these features and much more are already available in Android phones.

Apple iPhones are no longer leading the pack; in fact, most of the features that are already available on Androids are ending up on iPhone.

Accept it: iPhone is Still a Luxurious Phone

Apple iPhones have always been expensive. Steve Ballmer may have been wrong in predicting iPhone’s success, but he was surely right about one thing: iPhones are pretty damn expensive. Compare the high-end iPhone 4S with any of the top Android smartphones, do the math, and you will know a good Android phone is cheaper than iPhone.

Despite the decent offerings, iPhone 4S’s biggest letdown is, and will always be, its price. Apple, are you listening?

Big Screen Smartphones are Always a Winner

Smartphones with larger display, everyone seem to want one. Some of you may disagree with this, but you won’t be able to do serious stuffs on iPhone partly because of its screen size.

You may say the iPhone is perfect for you, but look at how Galaxy S3, with 4.8-inch screen and over 9 million pre-orders (beating iPhone’s mere 4 million pre-order), shows that people love smartphones with bigger screens.

Do you think Apple can bounce back, punch Android in the face, and lead the mobile market again with its new iPhone 5? Have you ever thought of replacing your iPhone with Android? Let me know your thoughts through your comments below.

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Derpy McDerpstine September 6, 2012


Firstly, Android is not copying iOS in the fact of trying to smooth out their OS. A Choppy OS isnt a feature, its a bug that needs to be fixed. In that sense, Android is fixing a bug, not copying iOS.

Second, take a look at the Galaxy Nexus, androids current flagship phone. What capabilities does it have that the iPhone currently doesnt? Off the top of my head:

Bigger Screen,
LTE (in the United States)
Near Field Communication
Soft Keys replacing physical buttons (although this is more of a preference than a feature)
Better processor
better graphics for mobile games
oh and my favorite… customization! who the hell wants to look at a wall of icons all day?

You say iPhone has a high build quality, and as that is mostly true, all you need to do is drop it once to have the ugliest spider web cracks in the glass casing ive ever seen on a phone, ever.

and lastly, Android is built so it can be put on both performance phones and budget phones. Why is this brilliant? So the people who are a little more budget conscious can still enjoy the android experience on a phone that wont break the bank.

The iPhone, honestly, is made for the people out there that are affraid of change. 5, now going to be 6 different generations of iPhones on the market and not one time has the iOS UI changed. Not. Once. Features were added, but its still the same old wall of icons. You know what happened to the last mobile company that refused to change their UI to get with the times? They are now bottom of the totem poll sinking farther and farther with each day that goes by. Yes, I’m talking about RIM/Blackberry.

TMC July 19, 2012

I don’t agree with that topic! iOS and iPhone are way better than another phone. Android got better but it try to come close to ios, that is mean they r trying to copy from apple how os can get smooth and easy. They r not leading and how can be they r better? iPhone is not expensive as the quality of built. Everyone know how is different. Apple only give premium product not a cheap. Big screen is not the best at all. I like the current iPhone screen size coz they design for human hand, perfectly fit!

    Cuntsmasher July 19, 2012


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