You Are A Useless Blogger if…

By Sidharth | Opinion

All right, the title is a bit harsh, I know. But, as they say, you gotta admit some things in life…

Today, we will see if you a useless blogging, I know I am. Not. 😛

Blogging is a way to share knowledge and make good amount of money, but if you really want to raise the bar and make your blog reach the right crowd, earn huge money and traffic, then you know, patience and determination is the key.


Useless bloggers are those who think of achieving huge dreams with no real plan. Thing is, most of the bloggers just THINK and never implement ideas on their blog. That includes me, but I try hard. We all do, right?

Anyway, the point is not about you readers, but it is about the useless bloggers tactics, which are as follows:

1. Buying traffic – Buying traffic shows the incapability of any blogger. You know, you can’t reach newer heights by buying non-targetted or any traffic for that matter. Though some web services provide targeted traffic by making a hole in your pocket, but these traffic doesn’t reap benefits in the long run — it just shows your potential as a blogger if you are unable to drive traffic from your own brain/ideas. It is better to build a community around your blog.

2. Duplicate content – Copying various content from competitor or any original blog and going with private label rights article won’t help you much either. They will only help you lower your blog’s ranking, and most importantly, bring down your reputation as a blogger.

3. Writing articles for social sites – Loads of bloggers try to make articles for social sites like Digg, which is a good thing, but the thing here is you also need to write for your people and not just for social sites.

4. Join traffic exchange program – Sites like sitehoppin is the best example for traffic-exchange program. If you visit 10 websites then you will get 1 hit back to your website. I used to use this program for this blog, it was worthless though. Don’t join ’em. Oh, and don’t call me a useless blogger.

5. Fake your readers – Showing false blog stats and unbelievable monthly earning to your readers might get you fame initially, but you can’t hide the truth from yourself.

6. Set no Goals – Writing content won’t help you anymore unless you have some goals. I have set my monthly goals — start setting your today.

7. Useless  advertising – Following all these 6 things and going with paid advertising is the last thing you don’t want to do.

Over to you, do you follow any of these tactics?

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