How to Create Cool Stylish font to Send Stylish Orkut scraps & testimonials

By Sidharth | How-to

I have seen many Orkut users and community members who scraps in different colorful stylish fonts using javascript code. As you know, these glittering stuffs only works on JavaScript-enabled browser.

The good thing is, most of the standard browsers support JavaScript.

Remembering or accessing that JavaScript code every time for sending stylish scraps to your friend can be difficult. It’s also unfair to try to remember the code if you are new to JavaScript.

So here is another easy way to create and send cool font styled text to your friend as a testimonial or scrap on Orkut. Alternately, you can create these fonts for your own Orkut profile page like About me, General and so on..

To create these types of stylish fonts, simply visit this site or this and type your normal text which will be converted into funky, Arabic, hacker style, bizarre, crazy stylish cool Fonts. Once you are done with this, the rest of the process is a breeze:

Copy the converted stylish font text and login to your Orkut profile. Paste the text to scrapbook or send as a testimonial to your friend. 😀

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Darshit September 22, 2010

how r u?

Atinder January 10, 2010

plz create the font of Atinder

gaurav sharma January 3, 2010

hi……………….howz u ?????????

abhas December 18, 2009

happy birthday sir!!!

mukeshkumar December 3, 2009

hjuh juhi ihi 9j ihj9 jj jn9y 9 nih 9mn hi nio3h nngio hjnigh ih oinh jiojpj 9jk jon4n

Camera Accessories October 15, 2009

I think that there are two ways to make stylish fonts in orkut. one is using javascript and one is html but my point of view keep it simple there is no need to use these stylish fonts.

jyothi September 11, 2009

hi thanks a lot for giving this information
iam very happy

sidesh July 14, 2009

hiiiiiiiiiiiii sweet

Sunil Jain June 16, 2009

nice sites 🙂
recently i had also found some scripts and then uploaded in my site
have a look
hope this helps everyone 🙂

ABHISHEK June 7, 2009

give me stlish orkut fonts

WIlshire June 3, 2009

A million thanks bro.!!!
really, you’re great!!

Manjeet Aujla May 3, 2009

Thanks Boss …….. its great

varun April 23, 2009


Deepain April 11, 2009

which method i d use this stylish font to send di scrap

arav March 26, 2009

i m a rock sTAR..

Abdul March 16, 2009

great job…………… simply superb
thanks for it

sagarika March 9, 2009


waqar ahmed February 20, 2009


japneet January 20, 2009

a cool way to express urself….that u r stylish in sumwayzzzzzz……hope gud wishes to this dump website!!!

Parteek December 16, 2008

nice one…………. thnx………. keep it up

qaisar November 10, 2008

Rick is my Bissnice, DanGer is my Game don’t play with me Becouse { QAISAR } is my Name

anchal October 22, 2008

thnx bro. dat ws way cool!!

Pavan Kumar October 14, 2008

Loads of weird text apps are available online… Just google for weird text, you will find the great list…

Aparachitt October 14, 2008

Hey!! I Think you Havent seen The Orkut Application List ,There Also you will Find a Nice and Great Orkut Font Apps tht Help in Generating Cool and Stylish Orkut Fonts.So i think you have to Add tht apps also in yrs list .

Madhur Kapoor October 13, 2008

Thanks bro. This is cool

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