Music iLike adds Music Songs, YouTube Videos to Orkut Profile Home

By Sidharth | New Product

Orkut profiles can be decorated in various ways. For example, you can add videos, glittering text and also music or a song that you love. Here is a plugin in Orkut which will pimp your profile.

Music iLike is the popular Orkut application that lets you add music, YouTube videos and MP3 song playlist to your Okut profile homepage conveniently. Whenever your friend or yourself land on the profile page, the media content will play automatically.

You have to log in to your Orkut account, search for “Music ilike” application and apply it to your profile. Then you can customize the settings as per your needs. There are several features here. First, you have the option to search for songs or videos to embed in your orkut homepage. In other words, Music iLike will search for the song you want. You can also search videos of YouTube by typing the keyword of the song in the application’s search box.

Another feature is that it is possible to dedicate and send your favorite songs to your friends or your loved ones on Orkut.

music_scrap songs_orkut_profile

You can also Play Music quiz with your friend or add latest songs from new artist — create a playlist of songs, that is. You can like a bunch of songs, and next time whenever someone visits your profile on Orkut, they can see a list of musics and songs you have liked. That’s pretty useful if you don’t want to tell your friends about your favorite songs every time.

Add Songs and Videos on Orkut Profile – Music iLike

You can also embed video code such that it will play automatically whenever anyone views your profile. Check out this article on how to autoplay YouTube videos, and get the code, customize it and paste it in your Orkut profile.

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