New Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Client

What’s the difference between the new and Outlook client? What is Office Outlook? It is totally true — there are just too many Outlook applications out there to put you in confusion.

In short, this is what you need to know:

  • is an email service from Microsoft.
  • Office Outlook is an email client bundled with Microsoft Office suite.
  • Outlook Express is a trimmed down version of Office Outlook.

We will closely take a look at Office Outlook client and the new

About Microsoft Office Outlook Client

Every enterprise must be familiar with Microsoft’s Outlook client.

Available for both Windows and Mac, Outlook client is a desktop-based email and news client that also brings along calendar, contacts, tasks and notes. You can use the desktop Outlook to manage email messages, organize your tasks and schedule appointments and meetings.

Microsoft's desktop outlook client screenshot

Outlook client on Mac OS X

One can POP or IMAP any number of email accounts (such as AOL, Gmail, MobileMe, Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo!) and also add your existing Microsoft Exhcnage account through the desktop Outlook client. Simply put, Microsoft Outlook client is an all-in-one solution to your business needs.

About New

The new is different. It’s not a desktop-based client; instead, it’s web-based product. You can sign up at Outlook to get your own @outlook email account.

Just like your Gmail, the new Outlook has a clean interface and is used specifically to manage emails.

new site


Comparing the new with Outlook client and choosing one of them as a winner is never going to be easy. The desktop-based client is a paid tool used extensively by enterprises, while the new is free for everyone and used mostly for your mailing needs.