Outlook Email and Hotmail Email Services

Learn about Microsoft’s Outlook and Hotmail Webmail

Are you confused between Outlook and Hotmail? What’s the major difference between these products?

Before we move ahead, you must know that Outlook.com is different from Outlook client. The Microsoft’s Outlook client is a desktop-based client for managing emails and news, while the new Outlook.com is a web-based email service provider. Outlook.com is very similar to Hotmail.

You can use the new Outlook to create @outlook.com email account.

Outlook vs. Hotmail

Hotmail.com was launched in 1996, and it has been declared as one of the world’s largest email provider.

Outlook.com exists separately, and so does Hotmail. But both these services provide email IDs to you free of charge. Anyone can access the new Outlook email by visiting outlook.com while Hotmail users can use Hotmail.com to sign up or access their email account.

Hotmail has a lot of banner ads and videos ads, whereas Outlook is free from any of those cluttered ads. There’s also a huge change in Outlook’s interface. The modern outlook on every browser looks really clean. With a lot of white spaces, a metro-like design, Outlook is amazingly easier to use. Microsoft will shortly replace Hotmail with Outlook.

There’s more you can do with outlook compared to Hotmail. Outlook will give you quick access to social sites such as:

  • Twitter — to post tweets and share tweets (retweets).
  • Facebook — to comment and connect with your Facebook friends.
  • Skydrive — to store documents on the cloud.
  • Google+ — to see latest updates from Google Plus account.
  • LinkedIn — to connect with your LinkedIn network.

Another notable feature in Outlook is the ability to automatically detect mass and shift messages to a new folder. For instance, if someone sends an email repeatedly to your @outlook email account, Outlook will create a new folder and all the mass messages will be stored in this new folder.

While all these features make Outlook a winner, there is still one thing it lacks: strong user base. Hotmail already has over 325 million registered users. If you look at the bigger picture, both Outlook and Hotmail is owned by Microsoft, and this puts Microsoft in a win-win situation.