11 Free Reverse Phone Lookup sites – Search,locate and Trace Private Phone calls

By Sidharth | Cell Phones

Unknowingly these Mobile Phones have made on positive impact for the technology growth, and needless to say, they are a part of daily human communication life. By some or the other way your mobile number spreads among many strangers, telemarketing people which results in strange unexpected annoying phone calls and blank calls.

Blank intentional prank calls from unknown private number might lead to a sense a fear for many, and for this reason tracing those phone numbers are crucial. But how do you trace and locate the person who does this stupid calls ?

There are companies which tracks the calls on behalf of you with their technology and charges you some fee for locating the address from where the call was made, but if you come to the online world then you can find similar service for free. You can retrieve the corresponding name or address by searching for the Phone number using various free websites, this technology is popular known as Reverse Phone Lookup or Reverse Phone Engine.

How to reverse phone lookup using phone numbers

First you have to trace the phone number from which you have got those phone calls privately, then enter those numbers to free Phone lookup directories which will search the name, locate the address of that particular stranger. If you are the one who are getting those phone calls from unknown numbers then reverse lookup sites will let you trace cell phone numbers free of charge. These services usually work with a call made from telephone and not from automated calls or prank calls made from website, so, without much delay, let’s look into this compiled list of free reverse phone number lookup websites

  1. Reverse Phone number Lookup
  2. Reverse Phone Records
  3. Phone Directory Search
  4. Infospace Reverse Lookup
  5. Cell phone Number search
  6. Search Bug Reverse lookup
  7. Freeality reverse lookup
  8. Reverse Phone call directory
  9. Reverse Look up
  10. Fone finder query
  11. Yellow pages look up

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