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For a website owner, it is often necessary to track website traffic, whether it is part of fun or to find out the most popular pages of website – website tracking helps a lot.  If you can analyze your search engine, referring traffic then it is much more easier to find out your niche. That being said, here are the few real time traffic analytic which shows the number of users online on the website at any instance.

These free real time services allows you to add online counters (badge) which shows the number of online users that can be of great help for analyzing traffic reports. Starting of with the best one:

Whos.Amung.US Traffic Report


Perhaps the most popular online counter that is available without signup and is totally free – allows bloggers to analyze the traffic in real time and shows the most popular post visited spontaneously. can be used to showcase your traffic to your readers and also comes with enhanced traffic tracking report.

Noo Who Real time Report


Noowho is the new web service that requires registration. Noowho is considered as an advanced version of where you can check real time search engine traffic, referrers and detailed list which shows the amount of time spent on the website.

Histats Website Tracking


Unlike other public tracking services, Histats comes with an private list of tools for the webmaster allowing him to check online visitors, page visit length, search engine traffic and much more. You can also place the online counter on your website to display the stats.

Do you know any other tools that can help you in analyzing real time website traffic? Let me know.

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Joshua Faucher July 23, 2009

all three are new to me. Thanks for sharing!

Nihar July 22, 2009

I know about who amung us and i use it for my blog. but, the other two are new for me.

Thanks for sharing.

karthik statu July 19, 2009

I knew about who’, but never knew about the other two.
Thank you pal

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