Best Websites to Watch Latest, Popular Music Videos Online

By Sidharth | Web resources

music_videos Internet has been more than an effective service with regards to providing entertainment nearly at cost free value. Whether you are managing tasks, downloading files or watching videos; it’s all free entertainment with this internet connection.

One of the pleasing feature of the web are videos –> Music videos, Movie videos or trailers, you can watch them online without having to sign up! And, that’s the reason to compile this post which has the list of some of the best websites to watch top music videos and latest video premieres that are popular on charts.

Websites to Watch Top Music Videos On Internet

1. Yahoo! Music beta

The list begins from Yahoo! music. With Yahoo! music you can watch the latest and the most popular music videos on internet for free. You can watch the categorized popular music videos and listen to radio or watch music video premieres instantly without any signups. Yahoo! Music is easy to use and has tons of videos to keep you glued.



The reason I recommend youtube for watching music videos is because of the HD quality which provides a much better viewing experience.

You can also watch low bandwidth music videos or change the resolution of the video, no wonder Youtube is one of the best place to watch latest music videos (use the search function and sort by view count or browse through the music channels).


3. MTV Music videos

Some of the most viewed videos are featured on MTV official website. These are handpicked music videos that are updated regularly. You can also enjoy watching the pre-made artist playlist of videos..


4. AOL music videos

More than 23,000 music videos are hosted by AOL that provides new, top music videos in different genre. Browse through the video playlists created by AOL members for random music.

Once signed in (not an necessary step) you can add videos as playlist and share them with your friends! Browse through the popular video collections of AOL by clicking here.


5. Vids.Myspace Videos archive

Though you will find linguistic videos in between the Myspace videos but the collection is quite big too. You can watch most of the music videos (some of them are not available in YouTube) with vids.Myspace.

Visit the Myspace video space and enjoy browsing through variety of top quality music videos!


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