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Finally, I found an very simple freeware software to create pdf files instantly. Funnily, the website providing this free pdf creator is named as Free PDF Editor and it clearly states that the they don’t support editing of pdf files. For editing pdf files you can find many online services or convert pdf to word, txt file and edit it, then reconvert it to .pdf format again. Lot of work indeed!

Although, the free PDF Editor does rank for the search term Free PDF Editor but they don’t open any pdf files or edit them, however, they are valuable for making instant pdf files.

I’ve tested this program and it seems to be an much better solution to create pdf files without any complex operations. It’s much more like an notepad file, write whatever you want to and make pages, save them as .pdf and you’re done. Good for making ebooks or presenting information in .pdf format.

The files are saved in .fpe file format by default which can be edited later.. i.e, files created using Free pdf editor software can be edited once saved (but not the pdf files). However, there is a button to instantly create pdf’s and save it on your desktop which is why it’s an winner.

free-pdf-editor-1 free-pdf-editor-2

You can also try out google docs to convert text or word documents into pdf format files! Clearly there seems to be many FREE solutions arising these days that are superior enough compared to those commercial products 😉

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