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Open source code/script is a effort from developers and members who create a piece of code/script and share them with everyone for free. The source code continually changes if their is a need! As we know Twitter is a microblogging platform which suffers a lot of downtime and this frustrates the twitter users, so here is a twitter clone type free script which is open source for everyone to use it!

The script is called as Laconica. Except being a Twitter clone another interesting thing about Laconi is that it allows members of a different site to subscribe to users updates from another site running the same script. Also it has a 15+ server list for handling the vast amount of traffic!

Though the installation is a bit lengthy procedure but it is a one time effort to set up your own micro blogging platform. Users can update their status, benefit by using hashtags and follow people. If you have a server and you are planning to start your own private or public twitter type micro blogging then start the installation right now!

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moin July 12, 2008

good find bro, i always like opensource scripts and software taking lead 🙂

OPENGIGA July 10, 2008

cool things .

BlogsDNA July 9, 2008

Thanks Dude i was searching twitter like script for my Intranet site

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