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By Sidharth | Apple

Looking for Free ringtones on the web I found Audiko which also provides MP3 ring tones and free iphone ringtones for download.

There are various ways to create iphone custom ringtones using Iphone application like Iphone custom ringtone maker & converter for iphone ringtone but if you are looking for ready made iphone ringtones then Audiko would be much more helpful!

Downloading Free Iphone ringtones

Basically Audiko lets you download pre made ringtones easily from there database. It has 100’s of popular ringtone songs converted into mp3 format and also iphone compatible form. Navigate to Audiko and search for your favorite artist or song,Incase if you don’t know the song title or Artist name then check this post. Now after finiding the right song, download it in the form of ringtone for Iphone. For other mobile devices you can download the music in mp3 format.After downloading just add the file to iTunes Ringtones library. Next time when you will sync your Apple Iphone 3G you will find the ringtone installed!

Free Mp3 & Iphone Ringtones download now!

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claudia December 30, 2010

I need somebody’s help.. im like really lost and I cant figured this thing outt..

jasmyn July 13, 2009

i cant seem to figure out how to add ringtones to my iphone.. help:(

    kesav August 30, 2010

    just download the ringtones of ur choice in m4r format and add to library on your itunes. connect your handset to the pc. ringtones get automatically synced on ur iphone.

    kay September 4, 2010

    after you download them to your computer, pull up itunes and then drag the ringtones to the ringtones library in itunes. afterwards, go to the tab with your device name and then click the ringtones tab. check the box to sync ringtones and then you are all set to go!

Osia June 5, 2009

You say about Audiko, but it’s not available in Greece. Do you know something similar?Please help… Thank’ s..

free iphone 3g 4u October 11, 2008

The tones that come with the iphne are pretty rubbish. Apple really didn’t give any thought to that so this app and types like it are really great additions.

    Ams June 25, 2010

    The ringtones come with iPhone are just useless. We can’t use one of them, it’s that bad. Really needed good once.

iPhoneski October 9, 2008

These make good use of the accelerometer function and show what the phone is capable of in the hands of great programmers.

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