KK Rieger: A highly compressed game for Download [Windows 7/XP/Vista]

If you are looking for a compressed game for your Windows computer, check out KK Riefer — one of the well-known highly compressed game available as a freebie.

This is a great game reflecting the technology growth in the gaming arena. Here we have a Windows-only game with 3D effects.

This Highly Compressed Game Rocks!

When I say highly compressed I mean the game size is in kilobytes, isn’t this wonderful? Imaging being able to play a game endlessly for days and all it takes to download and setup them is only a couple of minutes of your time. The game developed by Produkkt called KK Rieger is a 3D PC game, and the file setup size is just 97kb.

Don’t believe me? You have to. Here are a couple of screenshots from KK Rieger:

compressed game windows

download PC compressed game

Don’t believe me, again? You have to.

To run this game you must have a minimum computer configuration – at least Pentium 3/Athlon, a 512mb RAM and a good graphic card along with latest Directx 9 version.

You have them all? Done. Let’s get the game:

Download KK Rieger Game

Download this highly compressed pc game from here and extract the zip file, then run the .exe file.

Wait till the game launches which shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds. One thing that amazes me and everyone else is the 3D effects in the game. For the size of the game, I don’t know how they managed to make it, and give us for free.

Kudos to the developers of the game for coming up with, what I may call, a cutting edge technology in gaming. And thanks for giving away the game for free.

Note: The game should work on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. If it doesn’t, please let others know.

  • basil

    oh i think it will make me some days pass.

  • Alok

    It works!! really great. I would certainly like more games. Are there more??

  • vignesh l


  • ankush

    how u do this plzz upload other good games

  • murali

    its awesome……………..

  • DJ

    man wats da problem wen i extract it tels me it has encounterd a problem man pls tel me rhe solution

  • benscot

    r u really a genius or a prankster whatever .i appreciate r futile developments……….iam a soft engineer so work smart…to many bugs in r software

  • esense

    it woks like magic thnx guyz.

  • aalim

    100% working…..great video quality….If I’ve any chance I’ll give you another AWARD for this kind of convert….you are really genius.


  • ninja

    gooddd stuff man…..thanks

  • sid

    it does not work..! an error comes.. of DEBUG OR SEND REPORT OR DONT SEND


    Thank’s :-)work 100%

  • rajan

    fully fake….

  • Nathan

    Now where do i fucking click to get the games.
    please help i am looking for ages.

  • Manfred

    wow game work 100% awesome game like painkiller thanks xD

  • adi

    fake nothing except notepad and exe

  • Abhayrana123

    I want DOOM 3compressed games link

  • aasadeep singh

    the game is not working

    the window is windows 7
    dual core proccesser

  • Mr Shit

    SHit!.. This is a bull shit!..

    Not working


  • aLLen

    1.3 gh athlon
    640 ram
    256 mb grafika ati redeon 9250 agp

  • skamahir

    Really awesome!!!!! Why don’t u guys compress cod6 like this so we can play it ! πŸ˜‰ ! LOL

  • sandy

    Its Nice game for me. nice BUT IT HAVE A VIRUS.. IT’S NICE COMPRESSED GAME.

  • akmankinglolo

    i can play with 2gb memory and the games is also cool

  • sunny thapar

    A pc game with nice graphics and just 97 kb is unbeleiveable. the game was just ok for me but i am eagerly waiting for some nice racing games to come with similar memory consumption.
    keep it up man…….

    • sumit

      i want this game can u give me

  • http://www.pixhome.blogspot.com/ kissmo

    Great game…Its just amazing..in 100Kb

  • *****

    This game is a little slow for me . Still, Good Work !

    My system specs:

    Intel P4 2.4 GHZ
    1 GB RAM
    128 MB RADEON 9200 SE ( Bit old 2002-2004 )

  • hari

    its not working for me

    i am using intel core2 duel…
    win xp sp3

    .for any one the game is working?

  • edmond

    game are nice

  • karthic

    didnt work dude.come on

  • deepak

    it didt work !stated thea it needs to close!help

  • irfan

    where to download this

  • Kavish

    These guys should be rewarded or something……
    I cannot believe the game is JUST ABOUT 90 kbs…………..
    THE GRAPHICS (if you consider the size of the game)…..ARE AMAZING………
    Cheers…keep up the good work…….

  • Ahamaraz

    Please add highly compressed game with megaupload links

  • krishna

    dude! were is the game & hou 2 install yaar. pls help!

  • Arok

    it has a virus in it

  • http://blogote.com Rockstar Sid

    Guys, check it properly.. the download link is given in the post (last paragraph…) Anyway once again I am posting the download link.


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    wr is the download yaaar

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    but where is the game??????????

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    where is download !!
    thx in advance for da reply!!!

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    hi thx

  • pratheek

    hey guys i need bigger games like burnout paradise
    can any 1 help me out

  • josh

    it dont work on vista you should try making a drift simulator like live for speed

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    how 2 download the game dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    where is this game, how 2 download

  • http://www.stratos.me stratosg

    this is interesting… i will take a look… does it take much time to decompress?

    • http://blogote.com Rockstar Sid

      @stratosg Nope.. it’s faster actually! …The project is almost 2 year old but kind of unnoticed πŸ˜‰ ..